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Jeanie Dougherty

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To any woman who has to hear those words, you have cancer, and to any family member who is there to support them.

Personal Description:

I was diagnosed in May of 2007, thankfully at stage 1. I had severe back pain and kept complaining to my doctors that I had this pain, and that I constantly had to run to the bathroom. They said it was nothing, but I persisted and said I wanted test and also I wanted a specialist to figure out what this pain was. I had an ultrasound and blood work and then was sent to a specialist.

I finally saw an ob/gyn oncologist and they said they said the “c” word, but weren’t sure until they did the surgery. I had the surgery in May of 2007 and then this followed with 6 rounds of chemo, the hair loss, the nausea, etc. It was a scary time, but I made it. It took me a while to feel normal again, and I mention this because I know a lot of people who say the same thing.

I am blessed, it’s been almost 2 years and no signs of the cancer coming back. I still get nervous every three months when I go for my checkups, but so far so good. I am truly thankful.

Last updated on: 02/20/2009


I certainly understand the nervous about the 3 months check-up. I go next week for my 3 month check-up (my first since I finished my chemo in March) and I am scared to death. I am even imagining that I have some of my symptoms back. I guess that never goes away and you really do need to live your life would day at a time and treat each day as a gift. Thanks so much for sharing your story and good luck to you.

Sue Sears – 06/03/2009

That’s really thiknnig out of the box. Thanks!

Nevea Nevea – 06/02/2011

I’ve heard of a lot of different tratements ranging from eucalyptus to new types of drugs. If you’re interested, you should look into clinical trials. These go on quite a bit and only need a little bit of research to find. The National Cancer Institute should have some pretty good information on how to go about finding them.

Edvaldo Edvaldo – 07/28/2012