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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Joan McCabe

Personal Description:


Joan McCabe was a lifelong resident of Connecticut and a 7 year survivor of ovarian cancer, who passed away at the young age of only 62 in April, 2010. Joan was passionate about everything she did and she will always be remembered as the ultimate lover of life. One of the many things that made Joan so special was how she lived her life, especially after being diagnosed with cancer, and the inspiration she was to so many. Always positive and with a characteristic smile on her face, Joan set quite an example for many — both professionally and personally, showing never-ending strength as she fought her courageous battle with cancer.

Throughout her struggles, Joan never complained about the countless doctor visits, the aches, and pains, scares and, concerns she must have held for the uncertainty of the future. Always upbeat and ambitious, Joan put up a strong fight against her cancer – continuing to work full-time, remaining an active volunteer, and enjoying her life to its fullest extent – she never slowed down to let the disease get the best of her.

Shortly after her diagnosis, Joan was struck by the fact that many people were uninformed about the details of ovarian cancer, including the symptoms, genetic links, risk factors, disease progression, and the general lack of reliable diagnostic tests. As part of Joan’s mission to raise awareness of ovarian cancer, in 2004 she started a personal campaign of creating and selling bracelets to her friends and acquaintances which gave her the opportunity to educate people about the disease. In turn, Joan donated all proceeds from the bracelet sales to cancer awareness programs. In 2010, Joan’s daughters, sister-in-law, and several friends joined the effort and the group was lovingly coined “Jewels for Joni”. Today, Jewels for Joni creates and sells a variety of unique glass, crystal and stone bracelets which are adorned with a hope charm and teal crystal and are packaged with an ovarian cancer symptom card to help spread awareness.

It was Joan’s hope that one day, the color TEAL will be as prominent as pink is. Her spirit and legacy will carry on in “Jewels for Joni” and these amazing bracelets will help to fulfill her hope that more women will be made aware of ovarian cancer symptoms, making earlier detection possible and improving the quality of life for women everywhere.

Last updated on: 12/23/2010


Joan was and still is such a light. I am so glad that her wishes for helping others is being continued.

Brendaly Vega-Coburn – 12/27/2010

One or two to rmeemebr, that is.

Namari Namari – 01/23/2012