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Survivor Stories / Tributes

JoAndrea Barnes

Personal Description:


She was a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, niece and best friend to many. She had an open heart and a happy soul. She touched many lives in different ways and her spirit lives on in the hearts of us all.

Personal Description:

Jo Barnes was the kind of person you hope to meet and are proud to know. Strong, caring, positive, witty, smart, genuine, hopeful and fun. Being around her was always quality time. She was a wonderful mother to her daughter Zoey and you can see her spirit instilled there. Her fierce sense of loyalty and friendship meant a community of people who loved her deeply. Her “living funeral” brought hundreds of people together to celebrate her life. She will be missed as much as she was loved.
The 2009 Spring Art Festival, a “Community of Friends Project”, is dedicated to raising money to support ongoing research to help fight ovarian cancer. All proceeds will be donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Last updated on: 05/12/2009


When someone like Jo comes into your life, you don’t realize the number of gaps (big and small) that are created when they are gone. I miss my friend…every single day.

Julie Bird – 05/13/2009

I miss my friend Jo, so much and think about her everyday! I will never forget her, and I have her to thank for my new friends she introduced me to. I will cherish my new friendships like I cherish my friendship with Jo. I miss you so much JoMama!!

Kathy Knaebel – 05/13/2009

Jo has had a huge impact on my life both when she was here and even now that she is gone physically. I think of her often. Instead of WWJD (what would Jesus do?) I think “What would Jo do?” The gifts she left me are to face the fear and do it anyway, live out loud, say yes more often than no, use your big voice when you need to, try to learn something from your life every day and most of all, enjoy yourself. Don’t be too serious. Her zest and energy and love permiate my soul. She is with me every day. I love you Jo Jo.

Christa Colwell – 10/09/2009

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