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Joanne Singer

Personal Description:

Personal Description:

My younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and after her lumpectomy, her doctor suggested she get genetic testing (our mother died from breast cancer). After she tested positive for BRCA1, I got tested. I tested positive and had prophylactic surgery to remove my ovaries in Nov 2006. I was quite shocked to learn I had Stage IA, High Grade Ovarian Cancer. My sister literally saved my life!

I underwent chemo and was in remission until September 2008. I diligently got my blood test CA125 and when the numbers got higher than normal, I was proactive in getting more testing. At my annual check up with my surgeon, I underwent a PET/CT and learned the cancer returned.

It has been 4 weeks since my second surgery and I am blessed that the tumor was localized. I start chemo tomorrow and am just so thankful to God that again, I caught the problem early.

We need to think of ovarian cancer as a chronic illness and just take each day as if comes. I am fortunate that I found the tumors so early (Stage IA) and I hope and pray that the research finds successful early detection tests.

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