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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Joyce Eiser

Personal Description:


Joyce, lovingly known as AJ to her nieces and nephews, departed this earthly world on November 20, 2005 after a 4 year battle.

Personal Description:

Her battle began with breathing problems, during which blood clots were found in her lungs – leading the doctors to look for cancer.

We thought that she had won the battle, after surgery and chemo. Only later did we find that she was chemo resistant.

She left behind her mom, her sister, her two brothers, her brother and sisters by marriage, and most importantly her 6 nieces and nephews, whom she was devoted to. Her aunts and uncles and cousins also miss her presence. She also left behind her childhood and school friends, along with her friends at church, at volleyball, and other places.

She loved playing volleyball, researching her family history, and spending time with her family. She had a very strong relation with God and Jesus. She loved singing with “Timothy”.

Valentines Day, 2008 would have been Joyce’s 50th Birthday.

Happy Birthday, AJ !

Last updated on: 05/27/2008


Dear Joyce,

You’re a great lifelong neighbor and friend. I miss you. Happy Valentine Birthday.


Debbie Doerfel – 05/27/2008

Happy Birthday AJ! So many days like this you are thought of and missed. Though you may have turned 50 today, now you have the option to decide just how old you want to be, every person’s dream! Obviously the memories you’ve left with us have had such an impact, I only hope I get the chance to touch lives as you did. <3 always

Megan – 05/27/2008

All Our Love to “Juice” on her 50th Birthday!
We are forever in your debt for introducing us 27 years ago. If it wasn’t for you we would not be celebrating our Silver Wedding Anniversary this year.
Bone & Carol

Carol Pletcher – 05/27/2008


We think of you every day, miss you on every vacation and family gathering, and wish you were here to celebrate Hanahan style. Valentine’s Day will never be the same without you. Love you today and always.

Jonna & Jay Eisner – 05/27/2008

Joyce,I miss your grumbly morning face, and joke filled afternoon laughs. oh yeah and your singing at the fruit basket table too. So sorry your not here with us for your 50th. Your thought of often, And missed greatly!

Bonnie Tanner Laureno – 05/27/2008

Although you’re not here with us physically, your torch continues to shine through the wonderful memories of shared times. Welcome to the fifty club!

JUDITH EBY – 05/27/2008

Joyce, You’re in our thoughts at every family gathering and every holiday, but most of all on Your special day –Valentine’s Day. Happy Birthday. We miss you..

Jan – 05/27/2008

Almost 3 years – heart breaks during November. Miss you so much, even when you got mad at me. Listen on Sunday when we sing – in memory of you.
“Brother Let Me Take your Hand” – it’s amazing how right it feels to sing it and think of you.

Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, cause theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Think of you there.

Love, Jonna

Jonna Eiser – 11/06/2008

It’s been 4 years today – Madison will be joining the family in April, and I will tell her about her special aunt Juice who would have swallowed her up with her special love.

I miss you every day. Re-me

Love you!

Jonna Eiser – 11/21/2009

Happy Birthday, Joyce. It’s getting easier. Ask God to let me know how to stop this disease, ok?? Love you.

Jonna Eiser – 02/18/2011

My niece Kelsey is dedicating her Relay for Life money towards Ovarian research. Her grandmom had it also. Maddie is a year old, Joyce – keep watching over her, ok?

Jonna Eiser – 04/25/2011

The forum is a brighter place thnkas to your posts. Thanks!

Keli Keli – 06/02/2011


It’s been 6 years, and it hurts as much today as it did 6 years ago. Maddie is 1 1/2 and is a shining star. I will tell her all about her amazing and wonderful great-aunt Joyce who made the best sand castles ever, and about how you hated mornings. Megan (my daughter and your niece) had two fibro adenomas removed – they weren’t cancerous, but it sends chills down my spine. My donations are small, but I hope help to find a cure for this horrible disease that took you away from me.

I love you every day and give thanks that you were a part of my life.

All my love,

Jonna, your loving sis by marriage

Jonna Eiser – 12/04/2011


Happy Valentine Birthday! I hope that you welcomed Uncle Ray with a big smile and a grunt and whistle to make him feel at home. Your cousin Kelly wondered if he would pass that day – it was a good day to choose.

Although it is getting easier, I still don’t like Valentine’s Day, because I cannot see you anymore. I hope that you can see the roses that I left at yours and dad’s graves today after Unc’s funeral. Megan got engaged to Eldion. They had just met before you left us. I know that your spirit will be with her and with me while we plan.

I love you, Joyce. Give everyone up there a hug for me.


Jonna Eiser – 02/17/2012

Oh well. Can’t change that now, but reeembmr to use Joyce when she BCC’s you again the junk mail next time because she forgot. LOL! Do it again. Do it again .

Boyalla Boyalla – 09/04/2012