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Judy Streufert

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Judy was a wonderful, caring mother,grandmother,sister and friend. She will forever be missed however we know she is dancing with angels in heaven.

Last updated on: 07/16/2008


Now that?s sublte! Great to hear from you.

Mahala Mahala – 06/02/2011

Great thinking! That rellay breaks the mold!

Jady Jady – 06/02/2011

I’ve been thinking about what you must be feneilg during this trip. You’re capturing AMAZING images. These families must have so many mixed feneilgs about what you’re doing there. The images from the last post are spectacular! You can feel their story from the look in their eyes. I loved both the black and white and the color!It’s good to see you both smiling and well. And Katie you look great for not washing your hair in 3 days!!! I did the same thing in Africa and ya know it wasn’t a big deal at all. It’s still gross, but nobody cared. LOL ! Your smiles say it all !May God continue to bless your travels with His hand on you, unforgettable moments and of course good health. Love your updates!~ Dawn

Fuad Fuad – 09/03/2012