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Julie Linden Penharlow

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To a wonderful, creative, generous woman, my mother, who taught me just how exciting and wonderful this world is. Thank you for doing the genetic testing when I knew you were so sick and your life would shortly end. You gave me many, many wonderful gifts, however, urging me to then get genetic tested as well, was a great gift of love and hope for your daughter. I miss you every day – and because I was able to make the good decision to have my ovaries removed – I hope I will live a long, happy life – and teach my children what a fantastic, strong, caring mother you were

Personal Description:

Julie was first diagnosed with breast cancer at age 33. She continued to live a full life, re-marrying, having another child, getting a college degree, traveling, seeing her grandson born and her youngest child enter college, until her passing due to ovarian cancer at age 60.

Last updated on: 05/22/2009


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Seven Seven – 07/14/2011

Taxotere for breast cnecar is combined with different drugs than for prostate cnecar and although hair loss does occur in men, I cannot find evidence for this being permanent.

Rosario Rosario – 09/03/2012