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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Katherine Knox Newman

Personal Description:


Our Dear Kathy, You are forever in our hearts.We are so happy that your suffering has ended and that you are finally home running free.You are our sunshine, and we know that you are over the rainbow now. You will ALWAYS be with us. We cherish every moment spent in YOUR loving care.
Always and forever kindred spirits,
Your loving Family

Personal Description:

Kathy lost her long battle with Ovarian cancer and celebrated her first birthday in Heaven on May 9,2008. There are so many things that could be said about this amazing woman. She was a loving, kind,and gentle spirit. She loved her family with everything she was. She thought about others before herself, even in the end. She had faith, even through the darkest of storms. She loved life and she lived it to the fullest. She taught many people many things and she will forever be in their hearts and often on their minds.
“The heart that serves and loves and clings, hears everywhere the rush of angels’ wings……”

Last updated on: 08/27/2008


I will miss my sister more than I can say. She is still with all of us. Three sisters left behind, but she will always be a part of the “Ya Ya Sisterhood.” All for one and one for all. We were blessed to be with her up until the very end. She is the most courageous person I know and is my hero.
Kathy got blindsided by this disease. There were no distinctive signs. She had just had her yearly check two months prior. Throughout her fight she wanted everyone to spread the news about this elusive disease. Their are vague signs. But every woman encounters lower back pain and bloating. She would want you to know that a yearly pap smear does not detect Ovarian Cancer. You can walk away from your exam with a pap smear that came back normal and think everything is O.K. Kathy would encourage you to ask your doctor about a seperate blood test that can accompany you blood work. The doctor has to add it. It is called a CA-125. It is not always completely accurate but if you start now and have a baseline and continue to have the test done every year you will at least be able to know if your numbers are changing. A healthy number would be between 0-35. Kathy’s was 4800 when they finally did the test. You can also ask to have a Pelvic Ultrasound done that will record the size etc. of your Ovaries.
These are two tests that I do everytime.
Kathy had genetic testing done and the result came back that it was not genetic. Because I am her sister the chances of myself and my other sisters getting this disease has risen 17%. After seeing firsthand the suffering she has gone through for 6 years, 8 treatments and finally death I will faithfully have these tests done until I can get my insurance to cover a total hysterectomy.
My sisters life was shortened by this horrible diesease and she would want to encourage all of you out there to ask questions and not be afraid to demand these tests be done by your doctors.
Kathy was 55 years old.

Marla Mockerman – 07/23/2008

Kathy changed so many lives for the better. Up until the end she still searched her heart to find out what more she could do. She was constantly amazed by the influx of new people into her life, and how they would tell her how she had changed their lives without effort. It became bluntly evident to me that with or without effort we change the lives of those we come in contact with. I make an effort now to realize this with every new person I meet, and I try always to leave that person with a positive word, hug or smile. It DOES make a difference, not only in their lives but in ours as well.

Kathy had a dream not long before she passed away: She was walking on a beautiful country road. Jesus was beside her holding her hand. She was enjoying the peace and serenity of being in His presence when she noticed that they were not alone. She turned around to see a huge crowd of people behind her. She did not recognize any of them. She asked Jesus “Who are all these people”? He replied “These are all the people you touched in one way or another throughout your life.” Kathy was amazed!!
There was a lesson for us all in this. How big will the crowd that follows you be? How do you touch others lives?

I miss my sissy and precious friend more than words can ever express. There are so many things we cannot control, like disease and the hour of our own deaths. What we can control is what we do while we are alive that matters. I can take the lessons that Kathy taught me and still spread her love to as many people as I can , and teach my children to do the same. In that way Kathy’s legacy of unconditional love will continue, like a ripple in the pond, forever.

Dana Burns – 08/14/2008

One thing Kathy would say if she were here now is “If they can donate a month of the year to Breast cancer, why in the heck can’t they donate at least one day to Ovarian cancer?” She never could understand why this horrible disease is not more understood by Doctors and Nurses, and the public. Why don’t they help people like her to find this cancer before it takes over your body and your life. Because Kathy was faith filled and totally believed that God was with her through this journey she had to take, she never BLAMED one soul for what she had to go through. But want’s every one in the world to know that it can be caught earlier than her’s was. God bless her devotion to helping others, family, friends, and now you, with helpfull facts so that no one else would have to suffer such a loss. My sweet dear sister and friend we will continue to let others know how important it is to be tested. To listen to the silent signs and never ever be afraid to ask the doctor about them. If you feel you are not being listened to, get another opinion. Your LIFE depends on it.

Desperately missing you, Love Ron

Rhonda Griffith – 10/07/2008

I stumbeled upon this website today, and am so glad that I did. My Aunt Kathy was the strongest women I have ever known, with the biggest heart. I remember the last time that I talked to her, we were in her room alone and she grabbed my hand and pulled me closer, with both of our hands intertwined she tells me not to worry and that I will see her again, she said it may not be in this life, but I will be looking forward to the day I get to see you in heaven. I will never forget this day, I miss her so much, and cannot believe it has already almost been a year since she passed. She used to call me sweet angel and now she really is my Sweet Angel!* Please be cautious and take the tests, because I don’t want to see anyone else suffer like my Aunt suffered.

Jerney Mockerman – 03/24/2009

I love you and I miss you Aunty Kathy!

Sarah Mockerman – 09/29/2010

I love you and I miss you Aunty Kathy!

Sarah Mockerman – 09/29/2010

Great stuff, you hleped me out so much!

Dahrann Dahrann – 07/14/2011

it snowed this morning and it reminded me of you sweet sister and the simple things that made you happy, like fresh clean snow in the morning.

rhonda griffith – 11/19/2011

Thank you so much for this arcilte, it saved me time!

Tess Tess – 12/20/2011

I’m sorry to hear that she died. If I’m understanding rtlrecocy, it sounds as if she was your path to freedom, the open door that let you finally get out and be yourself. Now that she’s gone maybe you feel trapped and alone again. If so, I hope this feeling passes. I know it creates a huge hole in your life when someone so close and so important goes, but you aren’t alone anymore and things have changed for you. This is a phase of your life that has passed on and can’t be returned to. And of course it hurts like hell.Your friend Spiky asked us all to come by and see you. You have more friends than you may even realize.

Maja Maja – 03/29/2012

As we come up on your 4th birthday in heaven I find myself thinking of you even more then normal. I remember how hard it was for me to set up this page in your honor, but I am so thankful that I did. It helps heal my soul to leave little messages to “you”. I honestly cant believe that it has been 4 years since i saw your face and heard your voice. I miss you dearly, but I know that you are ever present in my life. I cant wait to see you again, and for you to hold me in your arms. Till we meet again my dear Auntie Kathy<3

Alora Mae – 05/04/2012