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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Katherine W. Klein

Personal Description:


On May 23rd 2009, my wife Katherine, left this earth for the heavens after a 3.5 yr. battle with Ovarian Cancer. Katherine had a great sense of humor, loved life and her smiles, laughter and zesty personality showed it. Many people throughout her battle were inspired by her strong positive attitude. Words cannot describe my pain and how much I miss her. Following her advice is difficult as she so stated, grieve and then move on, remember the good times and do not dwell in the past. She always thought of others before her self.

Personal Description:

Katherine adored her family and was very proud of her children’s abilities and accomplishments. She was thrilled to have had time with her first grand child Nikolas. Her friends were extended family and she loved and enjoyed them dearly. She often bought them spontaneous gifts and loved baking them pies. Material things were of little significance to her. Debulking surgery and continuous chemotherapy could not get the smile off her face or prevent her from living life. Despite pain, nausea and fatigue after Chemotherapy treatments or transfusions, she would still go out and enjoy entertainment, athletics and civic volunteering. In her last few weeks with a G-tube in her, she still got out and lived life. She never complained or blamed God or anything or anyone else for her illness. Some described her as the toughest person they ever seen. To many she would be described as a kind, loving, caring and giving person, who always handled herself with class and dignity. Katherine was really my gift from God, as we worked together, played together, planted numerous gardens together and belonged to some of the same civic organizations. She often said Ron, ‘we are one’ We will all miss her, but some day, we will be with her again. Katherine and I had hoped until the end, that some day, there would be a cure for this under funded, insidious disease. More needs to be done and we all can help.

Last updated on: 06/26/2009


Katherine! Ron you captured it all! A very wonderful woman whom I was so blessed to know, if even for a short while and for a few moments! That constant smile, that upbeat attitude and that faith! Even in her final days she would could kid about her situation and what was to come. She had no fear just fear for her family to miss her too much. A very GIVING lady! I am inspired buy her and her life. Miss you Katherine, but so happy for you that you are dancing with the angels! ;-)!

Tamara Lammers – 09/11/2009

No more s***. All posts of this quilaty from now on

Heloise Heloise – 06/02/2011

Great tinhking! That really breaks the mold!

Wilma Wilma – 07/14/2011