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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Kathy Antkoviak

Personal Description:


My mother just reached 53 years of age before she passed just over a year ago. I think God would argue that he’s pleased to have another angel, but knows he shouldn’t have had her yet. He’d probably admit his sadness because earthlings have not started a serious movement toward ovarian cancer research, focusing on early detection diagnostics. There’s a 90% cure rate with early diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Please help the research grow, not the list of beautiful faces on this tribute page. Focus, believe in the power of research, and donate generously in honor of our very special love, Kathy. Let’s make increasing the quantity of early diagnostics research a serious initiative. OUR GOAL SHOULD BE FOCUSED ON PROMOTING RESEARCH TO AN EXTENT THAT SURPASSES THAT OF BREAST CANCER. LET’S GO!!!

Personal Description:

Kathy radiated positivity and kindness with her presence! She had this amazing curly (frizz- prone, but fabulous) hair that glowed around her mile-wide smile. When you were with her you felt so free and always had way too much fun. She maintained a youthful spirit that allowed her to laugh loudly (a snort would slip out from time to time) and be happy in the moment. Kathy never waited around for life to happen, she knew it was happening each day and dug in and loved her life; it showed.

It is our turn to dig in and pay tribute to our missed, beautiful Kathy. Kathy wouldn’t want any other woman to go through the suffering she endured. If she was alive and able she would rock the socks off ovarian cancer by endlessly promoting funding of research directed toward early detection tools. We need to be her energy on earth, please support the research now!

Last updated on: 09/02/2009


Kristin, this is a beautiful and accurate description of her. i laughed when i read about the snorting part (true) and had a good cry also. thanks for posting this.
love aunt robin

Robin Schmidt – 11/19/2009

This forum neeedd shaking up and you?ve just done that. Great post!

Avari Avari – 06/02/2011

Articles like these put the consumer in the dreivr seat?very important.

Kory Kory – 07/14/2011

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