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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Kathy Deschaines

Personal Description:



I want to dedicate this wall to all women that is currently battling and to those that lost the battle to ovarion cancer.
I also want to dedicate this wall to the friends and family that are standing strong and helping to hold us up when we are so weak and can’t stand on our on.
You that take care of us when we cannot, to feed or wash ourselves.
To you that have to flush our PICC Lines or Power Ports.
You help make us strong again as we once was.
I also want to dedicate this wall to the doctors, nurses and caregivers.
We could not do this without you all, I thank you for all that you have done for me and all that you have done for all the mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts in this world dealing with ovarion cancer.
Thank you.


Personal Description:


I found out that I was in 4th stage of ovarian cancer on October the 18th of 2011 at the age of 51 and my ca125’s were 1646.
Not only that I had ovarian cancer I also had a large hard mass that connected to my stomach to my lower intestines.
After surgery my doctor told my husband that he removed my ovaries and tubes but could not remove the hard mass, that I may have stomach cancer and if so there was nothing else that he could do, but not to tell my family until further test was completed.
When my doctor came in my room the day after surgery I asked him if he got it all and he said that he could not remove the mass but he removed my ovaries and tubes.
I thought that I had stomach cancer then and it was nothing else that could be done, I was on some strong drugs and nobody could tell me anything even after the tests that they ran showed that I did not have stomach cancer.
I was so happy and full of hope when my numbers went down to five hundred and something after my surgery.
After months of chemo treatments my numbers were going down pretty fast and my hope continued to rise.
My CA125’s came down to 21 before they started to rise, they went up to 27 in a months time then to 62, my doctor made me an appointment for two weeks later,then they called me in to come a week early which scared me and then releived me at the same time.
I felt it was a good thing, get it as quick as possible as we all know the waiting period from test to test is trying on our nerves. To find out it was to see if I wanted to join the study.
They explained the study in detail, all the pros and cons.
I have signed up for the study that is going on World Wide, there are 50 people in this study so far, I have no concerns of receiving a generic version of Dixol.
There is a shortage of Dixol and if the generic is approved there will be plenty to go around to all the women and children in need of this drug, don’t know if Dixol is used only on ovarian cancer, or if it is used on various kinds of cancer, but there is a urgent need for this drug.
I begin my first treatment of this study drug on Monday with the only other lady in this study at the Clearview Cancer Institute in Huntsville Alabama.
This will be her first day also, I feel honored to be a part of this study.
I know of the possible side effects, could damage my heart, cause blood clots in the legs,there are other possible side effects that could happen which you can go on line to find out all of them.
There are chances of the same side effects to most if not all prescription drugs, that can cause the same side effects as this drug.
My doctor informed me that I don’t have to agree to be in this study, that I would get the FDA approved drugs if I decide not to sign up for the study.
I will get a combination of two drugs,run of the study drug then the approved drug during this eight hour visit.
They will test my blood every hour, my heart will be monitored at all times.
I will have a nurse that will be at my side at all times as the other lady will too.
If anything starts to go to the negative they will stop my study treatment immediately.
I’m not saying that you should join this study, this is a choice that we should individually make, nothing wrong with you saying no, it’s your body and your life.
You have to qualify for it also, no weak heart.
I have had a EKG, had blood drawn and they added radiation to it then they put the blood back in after a twenty-five minute waiting period.
They then put me in a machines that took photo’s of my heart and was monitoring my heart at all times.
The lady said I had a beautiful heart.
During the first ten minutes she asked me how I was doing and I said that I was doing fine, then she turned the machine to the other side to take photo’s of the other side of my heart, as it was photographing she asked me if I needed anything and I said “a winning lottery ticket and laughed”.
She replied ” I’m sorry I don’t have one of those, but if I did I wouldn’t give it to you”
I replied “well when we get through checking my heart we might aught to check yours”
We both got a good laugh out of that.
I asked for a copy of the photo’s of my heart and she said she would put them on a CD for me but it would take a hour if I wanted to wait, I said I had to come back the following Monday and she said I could pick them up at the front desk.
After the test she did show me one of the photo’s but before she showed it to me she said that it would not look like a heart as you would think, it really surprised me when I looked at the photograph and it looked like a baby’s face.
We have to have laughter and faith in our recovery, its a long hard road but we are strong, we can beat this.
I know chemo makes us so sick and weak after a couple of days after receiving the chemo, but we are not alone in this, in numbers we are strong, so strong.
God Bless


Last updated on: 09/07/2012


You are the strongest person I know! I love you more than anything and couldn’t of asked for a better, more loving mother. I am so proud of you! You are a fighter! You are going to kick cancer’s butt! I am here for you any time you need me!

Crystal McLovin – 09/07/2012

Kathy you are a strong person and you will pull through this I truly believe! We love you and think about you daily.. Praying this new study works to kick cancer’s butt!!! Love You and God Bless~

Kristy Nelson – 09/07/2012

I want to add that the employee’s at the Clearview Cancer Institute are the nicest people that you would ever meet.
I think the world of my Chemo doctor Dr Brian Mathews and my Surgeon Dr Kelly, wonderful and caring doctors. I feel I couldn’t be in better hands. The Lord has been with me from the start and will continue to be with me and our doctors and caregivers that takes wonderful care of us.
If I don’t make it through this, it won’t be because of my care.
It will be that the Lord wanted me home, home with my Daddy, all my grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins and I’m sure I will see some friends and old classmates as well. I hope my family will see it that I’m in a better place, I will see them all again.

Kathy Deschaines – 09/07/2012

– 09/08/2012

You’ll live fully, not in fear and Satan and his minions say Oh sh*t each moirnng when your feet hit the floor You wrote that in your blog at some point, and I’ve always loved that mental image. Here’s to life.Thank you for the profound, honest words!

Ulla Ulla – 10/06/2012