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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Katie Goldberg

Personal Description:

Last updated on: 09/15/2008


I miss you terribly Katie, but I shall always remember your kindness, your courage, and your humor

Soulla – 09/15/2008

I miss you personally and professionally. Your courage and remarkable attitude are an example to all of us. You will forever be in our hearts.

Sandi Grayson and Perry Garber – 09/15/2008

The company and I are better because of who you were when you were with us. We will continue that path as you live in our hearts and minds. Thanks

Adam & Sally Marder – 09/15/2008

Your wit and wisdom and limitless love still guide us every day. We all miss your smile, laugh and hugs. You’re always in our hearts. We miss you!

Judy – 01/18/2009

Aunt Katie, the world was truly so much a better place for your having been in it. You have inspired so, so many people, and were a Superwoman if there ever was one. I can’t express how hard that it is for me to live without you. Thank you for always having a hug, a smile, advice, and a kind word for everyone. I will always love you, and miss you terribly…..

Jenny L. – 01/19/2009

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Sundance Sundance – 06/02/2011

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Susannah Susannah – 09/03/2012