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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Katie Kristoffer

Personal Description:


To All My Warrior Sisters and Their Families

Personal Description:

I had my usual yearly gyn appointment, which always included a sonogram. It was the sonogram that alerted my Dr. my left ovary was being obstructed. In the previous sonogram my left ovary was clearly there and no obstruction. My Dr. immediately had me have another sonogram taken by a Radiologist and he too said that the blockage was there. It was possible it could be fibroids. The next step was to come back in two months. I came back to the Radiologist and found that this had grown 2 centimeters! My gyn Dr. immediately had me get an MRI and also made an appointment for me to see an Oncologist at NYU Cancer Institute. After seeing the MRIs, she said I must have a Hysterectomy and Dr. Blank at the NYU Cancer Institute agreed and so did I.

I had no symptoms although by the time I was operated on and the mass had grown to 16 centimeters (it was like I was 4 months pregnant). I was extremely lucky – it was Stage 1 and Dr. Blank was able to get all the cancer – it was even more amazing that it did not mestatasize on any of my organs. I did not need any chemo or radiation! WOW!

I have kept myself in really good shape and also teach spin classes. I feel that being in good shape really helped. I also want to mention that I had been on Hormone Replacement and watched it carefully – Estradiol and Prometrium – I stopped the day I saw my gyn and discovered the blockage.

I really believe that the sonogram saved me and my platform is to make sure that I try to get this word out to as many women as possible. I truly feel that a sonogram should be a part of the annual check-up for all women.

It took my body well over a year to get back to “my normal.” Even though I did not have any Chemo or Radiation, my hair did thin out. I was back teaching classes in 5 weeks (off the bike for a week). It has been over 2 1/2 years since my operation and I’m doing great. My CA125 is normal. My hair came back as well.

My wish is that all women would be able to get it before it goes too far. I am very hopeful that I will continue to stay very healthy and I am here for those who need encouragement.

Last updated on: 07/29/2010