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Kimberly Emory

Personal Description:

Personal Description:

I want to give someone out there hope! I was diagnosed with OC stage IIb. Had surgery in March of 2006 to remove left ovary and fallopian tube and then 3 cycles (63 days) of chemo. I have been NED since Aug09. Some of us do survive and live long productive lives. I hope to continue to be in that number. TURNING THE WHISPER INTO A SHOUT!

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Time to face the music armed with this great inforamiotn.

Jannika Jannika – 10/04/2011

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HeathBret HeathBret – 10/05/2011

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Janese Janese – 01/23/2012


Danie White – 02/17/2012

I have found when I look after people who have any type of caencr, getting the patients to talk to each other and make friends, so they can share experiences with each other and give each other advice.Chemo as you know is going to make you feel really rotten at times, so you need a support network to help you through the bad times as well as be there for the good. Keep communicating with your closest family members and friends and use them for help and support. Don’t be afraid to ask as they will only be too happy to help.Good luck with your treatment, all the best x Was this answer helpful?

Jerry Jerry – 07/27/2012