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Kristine Peterson

Personal Description:


Kristine’s boys (Eric,Paul,Matt) and daughter in law (Jodi) dedicate this wall of hope to her. Kristine spent her life helping others and her family would like to continue to help others through this tribute.

Personal Description:

Kristine was a loving mom to 3 boys, a grandmother, a loving friend and a great neighbor. Kristine spent her entire life helping people. She was a nurse and dedicated herself to that career even through chemotherapy.

Last updated on: 06/23/2010


About 9 months ago, I saw Kris in California. We were on a short car ride having a meaningful conversation. The one thing that resonated with me was when she said that thru any situation, good or bad, she always tries to find the positive side. I’ll always remember her telling me that.
Extending my deepest sympathy to the Peterson Family. I hope that all the special memories will be the source of your healing.
Erin Marlin

Erin Marlin – 06/24/2010

Ah yes, nicely put, evrenoye.

Benon Benon – 12/20/2011

Posts like this brighten up my day. Thanks for tkaing the time.

Torn Torn – 01/24/2012