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Lana Bates

Personal Description:


I have created this tribute in honor of my beautiful mother, Lana Bates. Her battle with ovarian cancer began June 1st 2005, her 50th birthday. Although the cancer took her life on October 11th 2009, she will always be remembered as the strongest person we knew.

Personal Description:

Lana’s life was spent caring for others. She was always the tie that bound her family and did all that she could to share her loving and generous spirit with others. She was someone that people were glad to know. She leaves behind a husband of 31 years, 2 daughters and a son, along with her mother, 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Words could never express the love we have for her or how much she will be missed.

Last updated on: 11/15/2009


You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confusion everhywere!

Lyndall Lyndall – 01/24/2012

chris – Good to finally meet Pete, and to see Andrea again. Lana is as lolevy and perky as I remember her. Will she be paid a fortune for her modeling/advertising job, which, I’m quite sure, will sell many eggs?

Japoronga Japoronga – 09/03/2012