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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Lani Phillips

Personal Description:


Lani Phillips


To all of the women diagnosed with this terrible disease.

Personal Description:

Diagnosed Sept 17,2008 with OvCa. I had surgery Oct 3,2008. Prognosis Stage 1A OvCa Primary and Stage 1A Endometrial Cancer. I did not require chemo – just checkups every 3 months. I am grateful for life every day I wake up. I feel that my blessing of early diagnosis allows me to educate others and hopefully get more women diagnosed as early and help raise funds to find a cure sooner than later. God bless all of these strong fighters. Lani

Last updated on: 03/11/2009


Sending you nothing but blessings and love and strength and courage! Beyond the Garden Gate and over the mountains!!

Lani Phillips – 04/18/2009

Very nice site!

Very nice site! Very nice site! – 10/24/2009

Lani, Glad to see that you are a survivor. I too survived prostate cancer this year. As one dear friend from the past to another, I wish you only the best. Bill

Bill Differ – 10/11/2010

How wonderful life can be
When a courageous friend ,
takes the stage and fights, as we survivors should.
And may God help you in every way, to continue your current blessings.
From an old fellow traveler, survivor, and friend.

Grant Striegel – 11/04/2010

You?re on top of the game. Thanks for sahring.

Ricky Ricky – 06/02/2011

I thought finding this would be so arduous but it’s a brezee!

Gracyn Gracyn – 01/24/2012