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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Lauren Troiano

Personal Description:


To all the women who fight and have fought this “silent” cancer!

Personal Description:

One of the slogans for Ovarian cancer is “It whispers, so listen.” These 4 words are not only so powerful but also so haunting and scary. My name is Lauren Troiano and I am an Ovarian Cancer survivor. In April 2009 I started having dizzy spells that made me feel like I was going to faint. After a few scary spells I finally went to the doctor thinking he was going to tell me I have vertigo. Unfortunaly that wasn’t the case. He felt my stomach area and I thought to myself, “why does he look so worried.” He then told me if I ever had any pain or problems with my menstral cycle. I told him I had the typical cramps and my cycle was never regular but that I had been told it was because I was overweight. He told me I might have a hernia and that I needed to get it checked. I left his office confused and scared. I thought I just had vertigo. After many tests and so much blood work that my arms looked like I had track marks, I found myself sitting across from a gynecological oncologist. It was confirmed I had a tumor in my left ovary and due to the size, surgery was a must. It wasn’t, however, confirmed that the tumor was cancerous but I was warned that this was a possibility. The next thing I knew, my surgery was scheduled and I was terrified.

After I woke up from what seemed like the best sleep I had had in a long time, I was told that the tumor in fact had cancer. I also was told my left ovary and fallopian Tube were removed. Fortunately the cancer was contained to the tumor, not having a chance to spread. No treatment was necessary so I didn’t see myself as ever being a cancer patient or a survivor, only someone who just had surgery and now an ugly scar. I have learned in these past months since, that I am a cancer survivor. I still see my oncologist every 3 months and realize every time how lucky I am to have caught this so early on. The symptons I had fell under so many other issues. This is why it is so important to me that there be an early detection of this “silent” cancer. I want other women to hear my story and know that a simple sympton of dizziness led to my detection. Let’s keep the awareness going!

Last updated on: 01/31/2010


Hi, I was reading and I have been getting dizzy spells one about a month ago I was sitting at the computer and the room just started spinning and I tried laying down and the room was still spinning and I thought I was going to pass out and I was burning up sweat pouring all off of me, and just yesterday I was sitting down reading a magazine and it happened again burning up sweat pouring off of me and it wouldn’t go away. I got pregnant for my daughter in July 2008 and in December 2008 they were doing a regular pap smear and found abnormalities, but they said that it sometimes happens to women who are pregnant, but after my daughter was born on April 5, 2009 at my 6 week check up it was still there, so I was scheduled to come back in August and I did they still didn’t see any changes , but all they kept doing were paps, december came same thing, June of this year same except I had started to have shooting pain in my pelvic area and the doctor said that it was probably just ovulation, but decided to do a sonogram, and the tech who did my sonogram said that she didn’t think that it looked good, but would give it to the doctor and that was June 28th, and I haven’t heard anything back and in August I had that dizzy spell and just yesterday. My question is, was that was your dizzy spells were like and how close were they before you finally went to the doctor? If you want you can email me at temmons0703@live.com that’s my personal email if you can give me any information it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You.

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