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Lela Smith

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Lela was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in December 2007. She died June 21, 2009. Lela was a best friend, girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, hero. She never complained. Although she lost her battle with this disease, she never lost her hope or faith. We love you, Lela!

Last updated on: 06/27/2009


At last, someone comes up with the “right” ansewr!

Kamren Kamren – 07/14/2011

She looks a little like pehceas and cream barbie, but I like it. I don’t usually like her get ups because I think her breasts look out of proportion to the rest of her most of the time. In this outfit, all of her curves are being showcased. I love the earrings. It would be different if she had worn them to an inappropriate event. But, it’s an awards show. Go big or go home.

Dzenana Dzenana – 09/03/2012