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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Lila Clever

Personal Description:


Lila lost her battle with Ovarian Cancer on the 1st of October 2010. She fought it all the way to the end, never giving up. She was a “Mom” to many children beyond her own and a “Mamaw” to many more. She was much loved and will be greatly missed.

Last updated on: 10/11/2010


Lila will be missed so very, very much. Neither time or distance ever made a difference in our relationship. She was so special and such a giving and unselfish person. Lila was a tiny little thing, but when she was diagnosed, she fought BIG. She was an inspiration to me and I will always keep her in my heart. I will never forget her constant smile and the wonderful laughs and talks we’ve had over the years. My love and prayers to Mike and the children….

Sharon Stewart – 10/11/2010

Our thoughts and prayers to Mike and your family

Keith and Wesley Clever

Keith Clever – 10/11/2010

I will miss her soo much. She was such a good friend. Love & Prayers to Mike & family

Linda Dunne – 10/11/2010

We send our thoughts and prayers to you and the family. I am so glad I got to meet and spend time with you and Lila, it was very nice to reconnect with family members we don’t get to see very often.

We send our love and prayers to you all.

Art Clever – 10/11/2010

I am glad I got to spend a couple of days with you two this past summer. After 20 years, you two were just as I remembered.
She will be missed.
Love David, Beckey, and Stefan Grabowski
NW Colorado

David Grabowski – 10/12/2010

So beautiful, so sweet and always a friend…no matter how much time and distance seperated you…I Love You Lila and hope we meet again someday…My thoughts and prayers go out to You and your family Mike…She will never be forgotten.

Belinda (Sissy) Wendel Davis – 10/12/2010

I saw Lila grow up over the last 38 years but she never changed. She was always the same honest, up-front, caring, loving, giving person. I have never known another person who epitomized the term “salt of the earth” more than Lila. Her strong sense of family and treating every person as part of her family, was remarkable. She is surely in the arms of the angels. We will all miss you Lila, until we meet again.

Sharon Clever Hall – 10/12/2010

Lila was a beautiful, caring, and generous person. When I knew her she was the most selfless person and gave herself to help others. There is nothing that can compare to how big and generous her heart was. She will definitely be missed. My thoughts and prayers will be Mike, her children and her extended family. She will be missed tremendously.

– 10/12/2010

How do you put into words the meaning that one person can have to another? For over 17 years,half of my life, Lila was “Mom” to me and “Mamaw” to my children. Her unconditional love and support has guided me, inspired me, and seen me through some trying times. I cherish every year that I knew her and was blessed to get to spend time with her at Christmas last year. The wonderful memories of that time will be some of my most cherished now. Mom inspired Hope in so many of us and now we can only Hope to see her again in the life yet to come. Dad, Shannon, and Brandon, words cannot express your loss, but I hope that my words and those of every one on this page inspire your soul, just like Mom did for me.

Julie Hoover – 10/13/2010

Mike and Family are in my thoughts and prayers.
Fond memories of Mike and petite little Lila, in their youth in Crescent City.

Danny Miller – 10/19/2010

The most wonderful gifts sometimes come in small packages! Lilia was my closest & dearest friend & I loved her like a sister. When our military move seperated us I was lost without her & my life has never been touched by another as special as she was to me! She was a fire cracker & she smile would lite up a room the second she walked in & her laugh was so full of fun & excitment! She was a TRUE GIFT FROM GOD! It was a blessing to have know her & have her as a best friend! Her memory will always live on in my heart & she will NEVER be 4gotten to all of us who loved her so deeply! Our prayers are with U Mike & the Family! We love & miss U
all. Take care & God Bless!
4ever Friends: Leah, Todd & Family

Leah Salyer – 02/15/2011

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Cammie Cammie – 12/20/2011