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Linda McDonald

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In loving memory of Linda McDonald, who was a caring grandmother, mom, wife, sister and friend and who fought stage IIIc ovarian cancer for eight years before going home on 6/28/2010. Her sheer strength and love are her legacy to us all. She never gave up.

Last updated on: 07/01/2010


Linda was warm, sweet and compassionate. A wonderful artist, and someone whose eyes lit up when watching her grand-daughters play and listening to their joyful chatter. She will be truly missed!

Miriam – 07/03/2010

Linda was truly amazing. She lived her life fully despite her illness. We were both fortunate to share two beautiful granddaughters. As my eternal gift to Linda, from one grandmother to another, I promise to keep her memory alive for Lucy and Maggie.

Cheri Nakisher – 07/03/2010

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Bertha Bertha – 09/03/2012