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Liza Chance

Personal Description:


This tribute is made in honor of Liza Chance- Dec 23, 1965-May 23, 2010-my beloved significant other who graced this earth with her loveliness for far too short of a period of time.

Personal Description:

Liza was diagnosed with stage III c ovarian cancer at the age of 39. Erroneously told she probably wouldn’t live to see the next year, Liza instead waged an improbable five and a half year battle against her cancer ,to the last never giving up the fight.Hopeful until the end, we scoured all the trials out there,hoping fervently to be able to avail ourselves of some of the new treatments in the pipeline In the end, we simply ran out of time.
Liza was a beautiful joyous presence who lived her life always striving be her best. Blessed with a kind and generous heart and an impish sense of humor, Liza brightened the lives of everyone she knew. Liza fought each and every day to stay alive because she so much wanted to share in the lives of the people she loved. Losing her
and everything she brought into the world has been-and will always be-deeply felt.

Last updated on: 07/28/2010


Crystal,Keep fighting the good fight! I can only iimnage, having two small children myself, what it must feel like for you. You are so strong to write this blog. What a great idea for your children too. When they are older they can read it with you! They are probably to young to understand it all now. Stay positive! Wishing you all the best, and thanking you for your honest courage.

Leyliana Leyliana – 03/29/2012