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Lourdes Smith

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This tribute is dedicated to my wonderful Mom, the strongest and bravest women I will ever know. She fought this battle for over 2 years which came to an end in October 2008. I miss you with all my heart and LOVE you always.

Last updated on: 08/12/2009


The idea of what my daughter will be wriaeng when she is a teen completely freaks me out. Good thing she is only 1 y.o. Madonna, yuck. Hate her. Does anyone else think she looks too severe? Like her face isn’t soft anymore. Too many cosmetic things done? Then seeing her perform in tiny little outfits, her body has 0% fat. I don’t know about anyone else but I love me a little fat. Mostly because I have a bit to share Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, shares her father’s features. I can’t remember his name but I think he was Madonna’s personal trainer or something like that. He was Italian? Spanish? Not sure. But Lourdes is beautiful!

Xiaodong Xiaodong – 03/30/2012