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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Mackenzie Carr

Personal Description:


I am dedicating a wall of hope in memory of my niece Mackenzie Carr,who at 10 years old lost her life after a one year battle with Ovarian Cancer.

Personal Description:

Mackenzie was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer at an incredible young age of 10..She fought her battle with so much strength and determination.She never gave up and always believed that she would beat this disease..Even at the worst of times she always managed to smile.And brought a smile to every ones face who knew her or met her along the way..Mackenzie was an inspiration to so many,and helped others and always wanted to help other children to never have to fight the battle that she had too..Ovarian cancer is not suppose to take a child from her family.She was to young to have an adult disease…Well we all wish that it would have been a bad dream and that our angel was still with us…Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her.I am the proudest aunt,i learned so much from her…In her last days as she laid in bed knowing her day to leave us was coming,she accepted that she was going to die.In her words she said,”auntie,i know i am going to die,but i really hope my story can save other little girls from getting this disease,and i kow that I must die to prove to others that this can happen to children.I want people to know my story! I promised Mackenzie that I would do my share in protecting other young girls against this disease and get Mackenzies story out there.Mackenzie left behind a mom,dad,two brothers,a sister,cousins,so many family members and friends,but she also left me behind,her “auntie”,she was my best friend and now my guardian angel up above!R.I.P Kenzie

Last updated on: 03/23/2011


I am so sorry to hear about this brave little girl, what a tragedy. I lost my beautiful sister to this terrible disease and I know how hard it is, but I cannot imagine someone so young…I am so sorry!

Sarah Weighknecht – 04/12/2011

Why do I bother caillng up people when I can just read this!

Torie Torie – 08/23/2011