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Marcia Modlo

Personal Description:


We dedicate this wall of hope to our wife, mother, sister, grandmother…..Marcia Modlo She was our strength, our rock and the Love of our Lives. She showed us how to overcome obstacles in our lives through her courageous strength and unconditional love.

Personal Description:

Amazing, Strong, Realistic, Never ending hope, Lived Life to the fullest, Never Giving Up

Last updated on: 04/18/2010


Articles like these put the consumer in the divrer seat?very important.

Kalyn Kalyn – 07/14/2011

We had such a good time. Good ccpaukes, too. I’m so glad I could be a part of your campaign and I’m delighted to offer my support here at the blog!

Roshan Roshan – 02/28/2012