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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Margaret Hinkle Thoma

Personal Description:


To my mother. On 11 June 2008 my mother entered Life Triumphant, a victim of ovarian cancer. Her fight began on November 20th 2005,49 days after her biyearly gyn exam inwhich she was told nothing was wrong. Unfortunately her gyn physician chose not to follow the established guidelines in women with a family history for ovarian cancer. He did not follow my mother with biyearly CA-125 levels or perform ultrasonographic exams. When confronted, after my mother’s diagnosis,he stated that insurance wouldn’t pay for it therefore he didn’t offer it to my mother. It’s a sad tale that too many women have told. May all of us who no longer have a love one with them due to ovarian cancer fight this disease. If every woman 18 years and older gave $2.00/ year ( a dollar for each ovary) to fight this WOMEN’S only CANCER this cancer would be “DEAD in its tracks”. The mantra for ovarian cancer should be: Women $2.00 fight Ovarian Cancer.
I love you Mama and I will carry on the fight.

Last updated on: 08/25/2008


I just lost my mother this past weekend to OC after just 6 short months, and I am devistated. I would love it if you would contact me at aj1194@yahoo.com. There has to be something done about this disease. Please contact me.


Jamie Bohrer – 06/28/2008

Sorry – I realized after I posted that Beth was your mother’s name not yours. Anyway, feel free to contact me.

Jamie Bohrer – 06/28/2008

That?s more than sesnilbe! That?s a great post!

Xadrian Xadrian – 06/02/2011

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Rain Rain – 08/23/2011

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Zediks Zediks – 03/29/2012