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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Margery Swarts

Personal Description:


Margery lost her courageous 4 year battle with Ovarian Cancer on May 16, 2012.

Personal Description:

Margery was, above everything else, a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother. She was married for 47 years to her husband Chris. Margery was a proud mother and grandmother to her 7 children and 12 grandchildren. She was a selfless, caring, and kind person. She loved animals, flowers, and spending time on the lake with her family. Margery worked as a Teacher’s Aide for many years with children with various disabilities.

Last updated on: 06/06/2012


I love you mom. I miss you so much….I still can’t believe that you are no longer here.

Heather Webster – 06/06/2012

I miss you every day.

Sam Letendre – 06/07/2012

We had Miles’ 4th birthday party today….i wish you were here too enjoy it. We missed you so much!

Heather Webster – 06/11/2012

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Nivaldo Nivaldo – 06/22/2012

Ooh!! Great piece, Jen! =) I’ve always woeerdnd how else I could use Google Alerts! Right now, I only have them set for my name and for Huancayo. I especially love the idea of tracking news surrounding a certain event. There are definitely some soccer games here in Peru that I want to be on top of, so I can buy tickets first! =) Hehe!Thanks for this awesome post, Jen!! =)

Kaiky Kaiky – 07/27/2012

I’ve been using them (and one other) for some time now. They seem to have tapered off in cpeeletmnoss- but, I’m wondering if this is part of their selective listing they are now doing when you search on Google. They want to satisfy you- and not provide all the information. One can only hope that the alert returns to its zenith

Gerald Gerald – 07/28/2012