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Maria Bravo

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In loving memory of my Aunt Maria who lost her battle with Ovarian Cancer last night. In our hearts you’ll always be. We love you. We miss you.

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It was 7 yrs from the time of diagnosis until we lost my Aunt. She never lost faith that a cure would be found. Someday we will find one. To all the women suffering from this terrible disease keep the faith and God Bless you.

Last updated on: 01/07/2010


I love you..I will miss you..but you will always be in my heart..Love your niece Rosie

Rosie – 01/08/2010

Good to see a tleant at work. I can?t match that.

Lakesha Lakesha – 06/02/2011

Hi there!Just dropping by to say thnaks for commenting on our deign inspiration post.Glad you loved the vintage posters! Hope you were inspired to design a vintage poster of your own. I love your blog’s designs. So sweet and lovely!

Auth Auth – 09/03/2012