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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Marsha Jinnette

Personal Description:


Our Mother/Grandmother loss her battle with ovarian cancer Feb. 25th 2012. She will always live inside our hearts. (Butterfly Kisses Momma). We pray for anyone who is fighting this terrible disease.

Last updated on: 02/28/2012


Marsha was a truly loving and committed wife, mother, grandmother and friend. A true blessing to everyone who knew her. She lost her sister to this devastating disease also.She fought her battle gracefully and is an inspiration to us all.

Robert Fallin,Jr. – 02/29/2012

Crystal,Although I cannot ginimae how hard this battle has been for you, and it sounds cliche to say it, but I admire your strength. I also think that your idea to blog about the whole process is wonderful, especially because your daughters will be able to read it and better understand this part of your life someday (hopefully with you reading over their shoulder too!)My grandma died of breast cancer while my father was still young, and I wish she would have kept a diary or any written record of her battle so that I might have known her at least in some way. She was not open with her children about the disease, and they didn’t know the severity or the risk until she was about to pass on. I think that made it even harder for my father and aunt to cope with the loss.Please keep up the blogging and keep your spirits up!Caroline

Musta Musta – 03/29/2012

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Vrije Vrije – 07/27/2012