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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Mary Lou Jackovin

Personal Description:


To my Mom. We are coming up on three years without you Mom and I can’t believe it has been three years since I last saw your face, held your hand, heard your voice. Mom, you were the single most important person in my life and life is definitely emptier without you here to share it with me. We all miss you terribly and hope you know how much we did and do still love you. I dedicate this and every day of my life to being half as good a mother, wife, sister and daughter as you were. I love you.

Personal Description:

Mary Lou Jackovin assumed many roles over the course of her life. She was first a daughter and a sister. In 1967 she became a wife to Gary Jackovin and in 1972 she became a mother when I was born. John arrived in 1974 and Tom in 1978. Mary Lou devoted her life to taking care of her family and raising her children. In 2001 she got the great pleasure of becoming a grandmother and those four and half years she spent as a grandma were spent loving, spoiling and appreciating granddaughters Grace, Olivia, Genevieve and Emma.

We now await the birth of Mary Lou’s 5th grandchild, her first grandson. His arrival will be bittersweet as we realize that he will never know the love of his Grandma Jackovin. But the love she showered on us throughout our lives will spill over onto this little baby and we will love him for her.

Mary Lou spent the last nine years of her life battling Ovarian Cancer; her courage and tenacity during that fight are to be commended. But Mary Lou was so much more than the disease that eventually took her from us. She was, for 62 years, a woman who made an impact on everyone who knew her and who continues, despite her absence, to guide us through our lives today.

Mary Lou Jackovin November 29, 1943-June 24, 2006

Last updated on: 06/23/2009


I will love you forever. I miss you Mom.

John Jackovin – 06/23/2009

I will love you forever. I miss you Mom.

John Jackovin – 06/23/2009

Dear Mary, Everything you said about your mother is so true. I think about her often. I will always love her, she was so kind to me, and my family. Love Aunt Florence

Florence Dziedzic – 06/23/2009

Mary, it is a wonderful memorial to your Mom who was more to me than an in-law. She was a true sister and I loved her, and still do, as much as if we had been born and raised together. I miss her so – our late night, early morning or half the afternoon phone calls after you moved to Iowa. Physically, she was hundreds of miles from home, but I knew she’d be right there with your Dad if ever I needed her.

Love, Aunt Sherry

Aunt Sherry – 06/23/2009

I was fortunate enough to share Mary Lou’s life for over fourty years and I guess that I know her about as well as one human being can know another.
I could list the many things about her that we all loved and enjoyed, and note the lack of the less than desireable qualities we all seem to share; but I can say one thing with an absolute certainty- she was responsible for every good thing that happened in my life from the day I met her. And those good things will endure with me until the day I die.
In my mind she will never grow old, never be sick, never be hungry or cold or hurt or sad. She left me with more good memories than I can ever recount- as she did for so many others, and most importantly with a family that I cherish.
Love you, Mare.

Gary Jackovin – 06/23/2009

Mary, very nice thoughts. With my folks just leaving here last week it reminds me of how much I still appreciate them still being with me. Take care, God bless.
Mary Lou’s little nephew

Tim Callahan – 06/23/2009

As an extended member of Mary Lou’s family, I was never treated as such…
In all the pictures I have taken with her in them, there is one common denominator. Her SMILE. Looking through the lens of my camera I often saw the love pass from mother to daughter to granddaughter.
We were all lucky to have had a part of Mary Lou’s life, even be it a small part-in my case.
Mary Lou “shines” on~just like the smiles she so often shared with us.
Thinking of you all on this day,
Love, Cindy

Cindy Wilson – 06/24/2009

Mom- I miss you so much. We will make sure our Baby Boy knows who his Grandma Jackovin was and how amazing you were. I know you will be looking down on him when he is born and will be a proud Grandma.


Tom Jackovin – 06/24/2009

Mom- I miss you so much. We will make sure our Baby Boy knows who his Grandma Jackovin was and how amazing you were. I know you will be looking down on him when he is born and will be a proud Grandma.


Tom Jackovin – 06/24/2009

Mary I to miss your mother,I miss our phone calls to each other talking about our kids,and grandkids. I wish she was still with us. I miss you and love you Marylou. Love, Uncle Jim

Jim Callahan – 06/24/2009

Today, 3 years ago, 9:40PM…the moment changed my life forever. While we all saw it coming, the actual moment hit me like a ton of bricks. You were such an instrumental person in my life and will always be. Often I think about what my Mom would say about what is going on in our family’s life. How many “Oh John” comments have I missed in the past three years. How much our kids have missed out on not being able to spend time with a person who truly loves them for who they are.

She was an amazing person and I only wish I could have come to that conclusion years prior. There was so much left unsaid…please let everyone you love know you love them. You can never say it too much.

John Jackovin – 06/24/2009

The house next door forever will be “Mary Lou and Gary’s house”. Tom and I often comment about the wonderful Christmas cookies, caramels, and other great treats! Mary Lou was always so optomistic, energetic, and friendly! What a great person. We have such fond memories…they make us smile! That’s how we remember Mary Lou.

Karen Jones – 06/25/2009

Marylou was not only the best wife, mother,grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, cook, housekeeper, but the best sister-in-law from day one. Her brother, Jim and I have been married fifty-one years in August. We look back at our wedding pictures and can’t believe Marylou and my sister Bobbie, both the same age and stood up to our wedding are gone.

Marylou was a great source of comfort to our family and our daughter, Peggie when she was diagnoist with ovarian cancer. She would often e-mail Peg with advice, encouragement and love, even though she was dealing with terrible desease herself. She was one of the most courageous women I knew.

I know Marylou is looking over all of us from somewhere wonderful, still guiding and loving us the way she always did,she will never stop being missed or loved.

Aunt Dorothy

Dorothy Callahan – 06/25/2009

Mary, you are so your mother. She was always full of beautiful things to say and always looked at the bright side. I am reminded of her daily with her picture posted to my frig and my computer desk. I still look to her for guidance to help me get through my days. When I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, your mom could not wait to share her knowledge. All I ever knew was that I had cancer and how could I get rid of it. She helped me understand a few important facts, sent me a book and a beautiful letter that I will always treasure. You are a incredible daughter, sister, mother, wife, cousin, niece, and friend. I’m sure you are and will always live up to all your mom expected you to be.
Lots of Love

Peggie Guarascio – 07/01/2009

Now I know who the barniy one is, I?ll keep looking for your posts.

Kayo Kayo – 07/14/2011