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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Mary Pat Boyle Paquette

Personal Description:


It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

A saying Pat lived every day, written by Ursula K. LeGuin

Personal Description:

Mary Pat passed from this life on September 27, 2009, after 50 glorious years. Pat, as she was known to some, had an adventurous spirit, loved to travel and was also a gifted painter. Her true life’s passion was helping children. In her profession as a Family Nurse Practitioner, she touched the hearts of many children and families while educating and treating them for asthma. Her bright energy, “blonde” demeanor and uplifting attitude were a gift to all.

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Last updated on: 09/29/2009



We were “family” in some blended family sort of way…connected by Mary Pat’s dad, funny Uncle John. She was always the light in the room…funny, smart, striving for more, sassy in a very loveable way. We will miss her.

Ann Weiser – 09/30/2009

Mary Pat was a joy to everyone she “touched”, strangers alike. Her dedication to her profession of always helping “the little ones” made her one of God’s special creatures.Pat’s sincerity, warmth and interest in everything around will be greatly missed.
Here’s to her “Big Sky”

John (Dad) Boyle – 10/02/2009

We hadn’t seen MaryPat in years. We were very excited to get a chance to see her again in Sterling. We always enjoyed her positive attitude and her quick smile. It is very strange that I was thinking about her and Ed last week and planned to email them to see how everything was going. Sorry I missed the opportunity. Ed hang in there.
– Al & Jill

Al & Jill Fredericks – 10/03/2009

I have heard many wonderful comments about my dear wife in the past few days. The one that comes up the most is “Teacher”. Looking back she has taught me so many things. She taught me that the glass was always half full rather than half empty. She taught me to look at things positively rather than negatively. She taught me to laugh when I thought I should cry. She taught me to look at the world with wonder rather than cynicism. But most of all she taught me that love is not simply a word to be thrown about lightly. That it is a state of mind of uncontrollable emotion and passion. That it is the ability of anticipating someone’s needs, desires, and fears. That it is two people who become one mind, body, and soul. That it is sometimes painful as well as joyful. That it is not always easy. That it is the most precious thing of all to lose.

Eddie Your Loving Husband – 10/08/2009

I met mary pat during our journey at St. Xavier University. When people cross your path in life, it is usually for a reason. Mary Pat was the sunshine in our class and always shared her knowledge with others. I will always cherish her smile and perky personality! She was a shining light in my path, as brief as it was,but I can never forget our encounters. May God bless Ed, the children and the entire family during this tremendous loss.

Yvette Wilson – 10/08/2009

Mary Pat and I were classmates at Saint Xavier University. She had such a great personality and was so knowledgable. She was very helpful to me with a personal issue and I am forever greatful. I last saw her just before she moved to Texas, she told me how excited she was to get a fresh start and was looking forward to beginning her NP career. I had no idea she was sick, so her death came as a huge surprise. She will be definately be missed. My prayers are with Ed, her children and her family.

Tamara Lumas – 10/08/2009

Mary Pat and I were also classmates at Saint Xavier University. I have not seen Mary Pat since her moving to Texas. She was absolute pleasure to know; she had so much to share knowledge, love, and kindness. I always thought of Mary Pat as the glue that stuck our graduating class together. She always made sure to include everyone. Mary Pat will be missed more than words can ever describe. I am truly sorry for the loss of this great Wife, Mom, Daughter, and friend to SO MANY.

Colleen Cardinal – 10/08/2009

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