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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Maureen Dotsey

Personal Description:


This tribute is dedicated to the strongest woman I ever met, and 4 of us got to call her Mom! She lost her two and half year battle with ovarian cancer on Friday, March 4, 2011.

Personal Description:

My mom was someone who carried herself with great dignity, up until the very end. She had unbelievable faith, which led her to be kind to everyone and incredible strength that helped her to go through everything she did with a smile. She had an amazing sense of humor and laughed a lot, especially at herself. She loved to travel and saw many places like Ireland, Australia, Italy and England. We had many memorable times together. I know the world is a better place because she was here.

Last updated on: 03/06/2011


Beautiful Tribute from a wonderful Daughter xoxoxoxo

Allison Powers – 03/06/2011

I’ll remember Aunt Maureen as a lady who smiled and laughed easily and often. She was such a warm, kind, gentle spirit, with just the right amount of smart-aleck wit thrown in for good measure…. such a pleasure to be around. I’ll miss her very much, but even more, I feel lucky to have had the time with her I did have!

Jen Dotsey – 03/07/2011

Maureen was my sister-in-law, she was the calm in any storm. I have never known a woman stronger than her. She packed in as much of life as possible and, when she found out that she would be leaving us soon than later, she worked at it even harder. Maureen’s family was her love, pride and joy. I am happy that her grandchildren got to know her and sure that they will never forget her. I know I never will.

Ann Dotsey – 03/07/2011

I’ve heard so much about your Mom. She raised a lovely daughter and was a fun Grandma. If we had known each other ,I know we would have been friends. Carry on Bekah, the way she would have wanted

Arlene Whitacre – 03/07/2011

The world is a better place because of Aunt Maureen. We are so lucky to have had her in our lives. She always made us feel welcomed and loved.

Laura and Bill Lynch – 03/07/2011

The apple doesn’t fall far….Mrs.Dotsey raised a wonderful family and I am grateful for her for having raised the best friend a girl could have. She was truly a remarkable and strong woman, and will be terribly missed by all who were fortunate enough to have known her.

Suzanne Murphy – 03/07/2011

A warm smile; a welcoming embrace; an understanding look; a great sense of humor; the gift of gab; a strong shoulder to lean on; could talk to anyone.

A loving wife; a mom to model yourself after; the aunt you always look forward to being with; the epitome of a good sister; so happy to be a grandmom; a pillar for our family; simply the best.

These are thoughts that come to me when I think of my Aunt Maureen. So very special, so loved, so many wonderful memories that I will hold dear forever. I love and miss you Aunt Ree Ree. You will be always in my heart.

Mary Simmons – 03/07/2011

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy

– 05/09/2011

Haha, suholdn’t you be charging for that kind of knowledge?!

Budd Budd – 07/14/2011

Still miss you!!

– 07/24/2012

What’s in my box of photos? Dust, dirt, Photos, Slides, Negatives, the works. I must warm you hovewer, once opening this box. You will waiver any right in returning reality. Upon gazing into this box of life, You will find an abundance of treasured memories, tears of joy and sadness, Forgotten moments, and endearing times. Lost loves, true loves, and a loving of life all together, an overwhelming supply of scenic beauty, and surreal surrender. My box isn’t just an ordinary box of old photos, its full of lives once lived to the fullest and keepsakes unimaginable to everyone else. My box is full of hard times and easy living, good times as well as the bad, and growing up to getting old. Family members and friends all live in this box as well as myself.. The only problem is my box keeps getting older and older dustier and dustier. I just wish there was some way I can cherish and prolong my life and the life of my friends and family forever because isn’t that what everyone wants? An opportunity to remain immortal amongst pictures in history forever.

Sagar Sagar – 09/03/2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Bekah – 09/12/2012