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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Maureen Moore Ellis

Personal Description:


This tribute is dedicated to Maureen Moore Ellis, whom we miss very much.

Personal Description:

A wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, pilot, genealogist, and more, Maureen was an amazing person. She filled her life with such purpose and joy and she touched the hearts and minds of everyone she met. As her granddaughter, I remember all of the care and the devotion that she gave to the people she loved. She had such compassion and she made it her goal to make sure everyone was taken care of, even when she herself was struggling. I can recall my Nana making sure that my grandfather, my mom, and myself were all fed and comfortable as we visited her in the hospital after her first surgery to remove cancerous tumors. That was in October 2003. Maureen fought ovarian cancer with all her heart and soul for over two and a half years with strength so admirable. We lost her on May 11th, 2006.
Now a teacher myself, I think fondly of hearing about my Nana’s 26 years of teaching. She had such a passion for her profession and such love for her kids. My grandfather, Bill Ellis, loves to tell the story of how a young woman came to their door many years after Maureen had her as a student and told her of the huge impact she had on the girl’s life. She said she would always remember what she did for her and how much her kindness and dedication meant.
Maureen was an avid reader. She had a library, a basement, and a bedroom full of books on all kinds of subjects. She was so intelligent and she could talk with you on just about any topic. Maureen even wrote a book herself, The Cox and Harmon Families of Elk City, Kansas, a genealogical history of her maternal line. The book was published by my grandfather less than a year after Maureen’s passing and will soon have a place in the Library of Congress.
I think I speak for all the people whose lives were touched by Maureen Moore Ellis, when I say that she will be forever loved and missed. She was a wonderful individual whom words cannot describe. The love, beauty, intelligence, and soul of this person will live on in the hearts of those who cared for her and who miss her so dearly. It is my belief that Maureen will touch the hearts of people who were not even born during the time that she was here on earth, not only through the sharing of memories by her loving family and friends, but through the book that she wrote. My Nana will also live on in the name of my newborn daughter, Renae Maureen.

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