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Survivor Stories / Tributes

May Whitmore

Personal Description:


This page is dedicated to one of the most amazing women who ever walked this earth. My mother was so strong; she fought Ovarian Cancer for almost four years. She was kind, smart, giving, and she lived a life of honor and virtue. Any person that was lucky enough to know her, loved her.

Personal Description:

My mother was diagnosed with stage IV Ovarian Cancer in 2006. She went through 11 chemo treatments and her doctor told her there were no more and the last one she was getting had a one in a million chance of working. Her count was 4,000 and after one treatment it dropped almost in half. We were so hopeful. She then started getting weaker and weaker. One of the chemo’s weakened her intestines and there were holes in them.
I guess I should be thankful that I got the chance to tell her how incredible she is and what a great mother she is but the pain is terrible. I miss her so much already.

Last updated on: 09/05/2010


But she is still here… in you and your sisters…. and you are a close replica of her Maureen… continue to honor her in the beautiful way that you have here by telling others of her life and her battle… coming from someone who has battled cancer, I can tell you she will mostly want to be remembered by how she lived her life…I loved to read the honor and virtue part… Mom’s are so special… I’m sorry for your pain- <3 Diane

Diane Moore – 09/05/2010

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Vitoria Vitoria – 05/17/2012