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Melanie Adams

Personal Description:


This tribute is in honor of my mother-in-law who I never had the pleasure of meeting.

Personal Description:

She was a strong, independent woman who was loved by all those around her. I thank her for being such a wonderful mother to my husband and making him the great man he is today. I wish every day that I could have met her and she could have met her granddaughter. She will always be in my heart and we will never forget her.

Last updated on: 05/29/2008


THX that’s a great aswner!

Jeanette Jeanette – 06/02/2011

Simply lovely guys!!!You two look woulerfndly happy romping in the refreshing colours of fall.(and I’m sure just a little relieved that Hugo didn’t get in the way of any falling objects while on shoot) The pictures are awesome. Chris, you did a great job with everything!!!!Hugo, you’re smiling with teeth!!!! (never though I would get to see that caugtht on film again)Looking good little brother. Mel, You’re beautiful, and these series of images just proves me correct. You both look awesome, and its going to take one sexy lady in one hell of a white dress along with one suave piece of arm candy wearing a cumber bun to top these pics. Needless to say, I can’t wait!!!!!xoxoxoxox

Naoto Naoto – 09/03/2012