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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Moeine Wiggins

Personal Description:


This tribute is to the life and legacy of Moeine Weaver Wiggins, beloved wife, mother, grandmother, a child of God and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, who departed this earthly life on September 10, 2010 to enter the place prepared for her where there is no more pain from ovarian cancer. Words cannot express the family’s grief and sorrow that continues every day yet we rejoice in the remembrances of the loving devoted legacy of her words and deeds. She was a special gifted person who made this world a better place to live with her love and beauty.

Personal Description:

Married at seventeen, we were told that the marriage would never last. The critics were right. It only lasted 58 years, 5 months and 15 days until ovarian cancer separated us. Cancer took my love, my companion in all of life, my confidant, my golfing partner, and my partner in 42 years of pastoral ministry. Her sacrifices for her family were innumerable. She always put us first. She was the mother of six wonderful children who adored her as she shaped and molded their lives. She could cook a full breakfast and prepare most of Sunday lunch, get six children dressed in their best for church, and she would be on time and always dressed neatly and attractively. Her distinctive laughter brightened any church occasion. She attended all the church functions, sang in the choir, with groups and as my duet partner.

She was a multi-talented woman, an immaculate house keeper, home decorator, outstanding cook, basket weaver and scrap-booker who kept gorgeous beds of flowers at every parsonage which were admired by all. A very good golfer that many men refused to play with lest they would be beaten by a woman. She was a collector of unique and prized items.

Moeine died way too early because her doctors failed to diagnose her condition even though she had all the symptoms of ovarian cancer. We never thought about ovarian cancer because she had a hysterectomy with removal of ovaries some 15 years before and believed the myth that this eliminates the worry about having ovarian cancer. Only when she went to the ER one night with pain that she thought was coming from a kidney stone did we find out that she had ovarian cancer. The shocking news was that the CT scan showed ovarian cancer in stage IV.

A simple blood test (CA-125) or a cat scan of the abdomen would have discovered it much earlier. It is hard to understand why the CA-125 is not given routinely for women since men are screened for prostate cancer yearly. With a CA-125 of more than 9,000 it could have been discovered months before and we could have had more time together. She fought courageously for the next year. When it became evident that she was losing the battle she wondered what people would remember about her. One day as she and her daughter Lisa listened to Bill Gaither’s Hour, she heard Sheri Easter sing a beautiful song she had written after her mother had died and she wondered what people would say about her, so she wrote, “She Loved.” She wanted that song at her service and she hoped that someone could say that about her.

She Loved

“Someone once asked if only you knew, how short life would be, what would you do? What would you say when God called you home? What would they embrace once you were gone? I hope they would see what I’ve done in my life. Who I cared for and how I survived.

Chorus: She loved more than anything else, She loved with all her heart. She loved everyone she believed in, Oh, She Loved.

She loved her Lord and served all her life. A sacrificial mother, and honorable wife. She gave all she had and through every trial, made life much sweeter because of her smile. Everyone will see what she’s done with her life, who she cared for how she survived.

Chorus: She loved more than anything else, She loved with all her heart. She loved everyone she believed in, She Loved, Oh, She Loved.”

The family felt that doctors and women should be made more aware of the signs of this deadly killer so we have compiled Moeine’s recipes in a family cook book called “From the Parsonage Table,” which covers recipes from the ten parsonages in which the family lived. The purpose is to honor Moeine as a cook, to raise funds for OCRF and create awareness of ovarian cancer. It is a beautiful 8 1/2 by 11 book on 32 pound paper, in color, with 118 total pages with tributes, information and 300 of her recipes on 80 pages. The family donated the cost of the first printing and all proceeds went to OCRF. As of this posting more than $6,000.00 has been raised by the sale of this cook book. It is in its second printing and all proceeds above printing cost goes to OCRF.

With a life devoted to her Lord, her husband, children, grandchildren, her friends and the people she met and served in the churches that we served there is no doubt that all agree, “She Loved.” Those words are inscribed on her headstone along with her sign off on her writings, etc. “Love Always, Moeine.”

May all who read this and other tributes determine that they will tirelessly spread the word about “Ovarian Cancer Awareness.”

Reverend Carson Wiggins
Haw River, NC

Last updated on: 07/12/2011


This is a beautiful tribute of love from a devoted companion. Moeine and Carson were a special aunt and uncle in my life, especially when I was a teenager. If one wants a fantastic cookbook, he or she should get this one mentioned here.

Nick Huffman – 07/11/2011

With the bases loaded you struck us out with that awsner!

Philinda Philinda – 07/14/2011

It has been almost a year since Mom was called “home.” She is missed so much by the family and friends, but we know she is no longer in pain. Not a day goes by that we think of her and recall something she said or did that still makes us smile.
Mom never ended a phone call or visit without saying “I love you”. Please help support this research fund so that you never have to see a mother, sister, or friend have to endure this horrible disease.

Lisa Wiggins – 08/19/2011

A year ago yesterday Mom lost her battle against Ovarian cancer. I miss her so much, but realize everyday how lucky I was to have a Mom like her. Her gently touch and loving look she would give you everytime she saw you is the one thing I will always hold dear. Life without Mom will never be the same, but because of her strength and guidance she has taught me everything I need to know to go on without her. That is a most precious gift from an exceptional woman, mother and friend. I am proud to be her “Baby”.

Renee Wiggins Lawing – 09/11/2011

It has been sixteen very long months since your battle ended and my began. Living life without you is unreal. It hurts even more as time passes without you. People say it gets easier but that is not my experience. The tears still come as I remember your battle and remember your courage. I just want people to know that your cookbook, “From the Parsonage Table” has raised over $8,000.00 for the OCRF and it continues. The things that we included about ovarian cancer has resulted in at least three persons seeking medical evaluation for their conditions. You would be proud to know that hundreds of your cookbooks have gone to the churches where we served. In addition I know that they are also in nine other states. You lost your battle to ovarian cancer but perhaps our efforts in memory of your love to us will enable someone else to win the battle.

Carson Wiggins – 01/13/2012

Happy Birthday Mom! I know that you are watching us from Heaven. But I miss you so much. Like Dad has said, it isn’t any easier. The kids were together this weekend even Karlie and it was so good to laugh and be a famiy. But I couldn’t stop thinking about you and knowing you would be so proud that “your kids” were still loving each other. That is something you always wanted. Renee and Debbie have done a great job in fixing the family meals, like you always did. We are still selling cookbooks and telling people about Ovarian Cancer. For people reading this, please keep this horrible cancer in mind and protec your loved ones and look for the symptons. No one deserves to go through this. Mom, you are in my thoughts everyday.

Lisa Wiggins – 01/30/2012

So sorry to hear about your dad. Your post made me cry. Good for you for being brave enough to take those peirutcs and put them up. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. ps- love your work

Ravi Ravi – 03/29/2012

We’ve arirevd at the end of the line and I have what I need!

Kassi Kassi – 09/03/2012

Mom, it has been 2 years and it still hurts so much. The cookbooks are still selling and it keeps your memory alive for us as well as it contines to help fund ovarian cancer. I pray that a cure is found soon.

Lisa Wiggins – 09/10/2012

To my Beloved: Two years ago today death separated us after fifty-eight years of marriage. But you are still my beloved and in those times when your presence is so real. The memories are both good and difficult. The difficult memories are those times when I had the opportunity to have showed you more love and said again “I love you” and kissed you again.

But I thank God that those times were small compared to the blessed times we shared with our children who call those times as precious memories and treasures of the mind and spirit.Thankfully we took time for special moments and days in travel, golf and builring friendships, especially with our Amish friends. They too miss you and remember our times in their homes. I often encounter people from various churches who cannot remember any sermon that I preached but remember by name the songs we sung.

I find myself thinking more of the eternal things than the earthly because you are there. The mytery of death causes countless quesstions of why and what if. The mystery of the eternal as made known by Christ does not stop the tears. There is comfort in the promise that in the place God has prepared for those who love Him, the tears will be wiped away.

I knew that you loved the song by Sheri Easter, “Loved” and I included it in your Service of Rememberance. I recently heard Sheri sing, “Roses Wll Bloom Again” and the words touched my heart because I had just worked in your flower beds and there in the midst of the other flowers was a rose bush you had planted and through winter and all it had endured, it had five beautiful red roses on that small bush.

So as I heard the words of the song I modified them for you My Beloved.

You planted the little rose bush by the patio door,
Its buds began to bloom, its fragrance filled the air,
Winter had come, and its petals had fell to the ground,
My spirit sank for I had forgotten who had made it.

He said roses will bloom again just wait and see.
Don’t mourn what might have been,
Only God knows how and when,
but roses will bloom again.

You were my beloved sweet heart, my loving wife of fifty eight years,
We herished everyday, we had and held memories dear,
I never dreamed I would have to bury you, And go home to live alone.
When I laid you my beloved to rest,
I looked to heaven and tried my best to believe.

Roses will bloom again if I wait and see, I won’t mourn what might have been ,
Only God knows how and when,
But I believe my rose will bloom again.

I miss you every day I live and more even this year than last year. Your love, deeds, laughter and wisdom still guide us as a family. Today, we placed flowers on your’s and Lin’s graves. Debbie brought a dozen live red roses because she knew how much you loved them. We were astonished when a large beautiful humming bird came to those roses and then zoomed away. Lisa said, “God just winked.” The two things that you always dearly loved was roses and humming birds and they visited us today. It eased our grief as the tears flowed. Love, hugs and kisses.


Carson Wiggins – 09/10/2012