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Nadia Dickinson

Personal Description:


A dedication to my dear friend Nadia. Your name says it all, there is Hope still left in this world. My heart broke on March 28th, 2010 when you passed into the next world at 36 years of age. I will miss you my dear friend more than you will know. You have been my strength to endure, you have been the light that leads my way and you will forever be in my heart and soul.

Personal Description:

Nadia was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer just before her 31st birthday. After surgery and rounds of Chemo treatment she went into remission for a little more than a year. She fought her cancer with grace and dignity, never letting it take control of who she was. For the next 4 years she continued to fight and never gave up her power to the cancer.

Nadia touched so many people in a positive way that her friends and family banded together to start the NadSquad to spread the word about Ovarian Cancer awareness. Just days before a scheduled fund raiser Nadia passed away at home surround by her loving family.

Thank you Sarah Mattea for writing a beautiful Song “I Am Here to Stay” for our friend, your tribute, in song, will keep Nadia’s love of life alive forever.

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I suppsoe that sounds and smells just about right.

Jenibelle Jenibelle – 07/13/2011

An intelligent point of view, well exeprssed! Thanks!

Sequoia Sequoia – 09/03/2012