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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Nancy Arts

Personal Description:

Personal Description:

Nancy Arts passed away on Monday, March 10, at her home in Berthoud. She was born in Chicago in 1955. Beloved wife of Gene. Loving mother of Ben (Andrea). Dearest Daughter of Richard and Char Zidek and daughter-in-law of Mel and Maggie Arts of Kaukauna, WI. Fond sister of Carol (Lou) Kolssak II, Tom (Kris) Tarczon. Dear sister in-law of James (Irene), Richard (Kim) Arts and Diana (Dean) Lamers, all of Kaukauna area. Aunt of many cherished nieces and nephews. Treasured by dogs Tony and Stanley and countless others. Nancy was born in Chicago and moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1981. She was married in 1982 to Gene in Wisconsin on his parent’s farm. In 1983 she gave birth to Ben and he was her world. In 1985 the family moved to the Berthoud area. In 2004 she was finally able to complete her BS in Human Resource Management, a field that suited her very well. Nancy was one who knew the value of relationships, and one would be fortunate to be her friend. She was well known as a dog lover and rarely missed an opportunity to pet one or help one if needed. She fought off the cancer with extreme bravery for 3 years. When it was finally time, she was again very brave and relented. Nancy lived everyday with as much gusto and enthusiasm as possible. She had a wonderful sense of humor, loved to laugh at herself, and will be greatly missed by many. Nancy and her family thank you very much for your generous donation.

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Alexavier Alexavier – 06/03/2011

I had Ovarion Cancer, until I went through ctomehherapy and had surgery. I lost partially my hair, but that was okay. I got a wig that suction cupped to my head and now my hair is growing back. To lift yourself out of depression, go on a vacation with the family. It helped me during cancer. Hope I lifted your spirit enough =) Was this answer helpful?

Cica Cica – 07/28/2012

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