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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Nancy Baird Grove

Personal Description:


In loving memory of our dear Chi Omega sister, Nancy Baird Grove, who died June 3, 2010 of ovarian cancer. At a Westminster College reunion in 2008, many celebtated Nan’s victory over breast cancer. Unfortunately, she was later diagnosed with ovarian cancer. We will always be grateful for that time of joy and reuniting but regret that there will be no way to repeat that event. We ask Chi Omega sisters and others who knew Nan to join us in supporting the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund by donating and helping other women in the future.

Personal Description:

At Westminster College, Nan joined the Chi Omega sorority the second semester of her freshman year and was loved by all its members for her warm personality, true friendship and her genuine laugh.
She taught elementary school for 24 years with love, dedication and a concern for all races and ability levels. As an elementary school principal she shared these traits with her faculty as well as the students. She served as President of the Delta Kappa Gamma Soociety for female educators and received the Pennsylvania State Achievement Award. In retirement she volunteered as a docent for the Jamestown Settlement – still teaching.
Nan was blessed with a wonderful husband and companion in Bruce Grove who cared for her and supported her in her fight with cancer. A couple of weeks before her death she was still emotiomally strong and said “I’m a fighter and always have been.” At that time she was still concerned about others and asked about the welfare of her friends and family.

Last updated on: 09/08/2010


Nan Baird was a Chi Omega sorority sister and what fun we all had! Her laughter as a young woman will always be with me. As a grown-up, Nan was a dedicated professional educator. She contributed much to many. We will miss her!

Amy Ferguson – 09/09/2010

Dear Nan- we shall miss you. I remember your radiant smile and happy disposition. I feel so fortunate to have seen you at the last reunion – rest well dear Chi O sister.

Susan McCord Hanley – 10/20/2010

Nan was my lovely sorority sister who lived down the hall our freshman year at Shaw. She was kind, beautiful and caring. I still remember her classy outfits and adorable figure. She will be missed. Love, Judy

Judy Oakley – 01/24/2011

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