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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Nancy Jones

Personal Description:


Nancy’s strength and grace will always be an inspiration to those who knew her. Her generous spirit, quick wit, captivating laugh, and quirky sense of humor will be greatly missed by all!

Personal Description:

Nancy left us on July 13th after a courageous 9 year battle against ovarian cancer. She was surrounded by love and family during her final moments.

Nancy has led a life filled with love, adventure, and spirit. She accomplished many of her life goals after her diagnosis in 2000. Nancy travelled the world with Pete, watched her daughters graduate high school, college, and get married to wonderful men. Her ability to throw a party was legendary followed closely by her famous egg bakes and fruit salads.

She filled all our lives with joy! An inspiration and truly wonderful person, Nancy will brighten the heavens with her spirit, laughter, and love. We now have a beautiful soul as our guardian angel.

Please keep Nancy in your hearts; remember her strength and courage during difficult times; remember her smile and laughter when your spirits are low; and when things are dull and boring, remember her creativity and love of fun!

Let us remember and celebrate her life as fully as she lived it!

Last updated on: 07/14/2009


Nancy was an inspiration to me. I have always admired her spirit. I love her laugh, smile and energy. I have many great memories from our childhood. Nancy will always have a place in my heart.
I’ll miss you – Nancy.

Kris Elfstrom – 07/14/2009

WOW what a lady. Remembering Nancy fondly. God Bless all her friends and loved ones.

Sue Bowe – 07/15/2009

Nancy was a kind and generous person and will always be remembered with her hair and makeup perfect, wearing the latest style and being sassy calling Joel a putz. She will be missed by all.

Rhonda – 07/15/2009

Although I didn’t know Nancy real well, what I remember so much about her was her smile and laugh. She was a true spirit to herself and her family. Even when I saw her after some of her treatments, she was smiling and always “dressed in style”. My thoughts are with her family.

Lissa – 07/15/2009

I worked with Nancy, I remember what a kook she was, small toys on the desk – just to make everyone laugh. She was always smiling and full of life. She had a fun sense of humor and will be missed by everyone who knew her.

Sandy Hanson – 07/15/2009

I had the honor of meeting Nancy when I decided to go to WOW. I knew from the get go, here was a lady that could move a mountain with her faith and strength. She never had time to feel sorry for herself, her goal was to always make you feel special. She loved her family with all her heart, and anyone who’s life was touched by her presence was definitely lucky. Heaven’s pearly gates opened wide and welcomed her. She is home!!!!

Stella Oelke – 07/16/2009

I met Nancy when I joined WOW years back, she was a kind lady that always seemed to smile and was always friendly and helpful. She will be missed.

Jessica Rinehart – 07/17/2009

Dear Pete, Erin, Kasey and family,

My sincere condolences to you. It is with pride to have known Nancy. She loved life, family, the lake and moose. And she was dedicated to her friends at WOW. I will miss seeing her next door at the lake where I would see her sitting on the beach or the chair near the house having a cup of coffee, at the campfire, chasing after moose or enjoying an evening pontoon ride. Her smile and laugh always made me feel good. She was a woman of conviction.She will be missed.

Jean Scanlon – 07/20/2009

Nancy will be missed greatly by all that heard her laugh and saw her smile. We are thankful for our fun memories of good times together celebrating! I know that Nancy is still smiling down on all of us. God’s blessings of comfort and peace to Pete, Erin, Kasey & guys.

Deanna & Kent Grist – 07/22/2009

YMMD with that asnewr! TX

Shirl Shirl – 06/02/2011

I was seroilusy at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

Dweezil Dweezil – 08/23/2011

two dresses – Yes what a bteuaiful woman she was. I know what you mean about telling them you love them. My Mom 1925-2002 Alzheimer’s I lost’ her long before she left us. I just came across your site as I see we will be part of the Altered Journal book on AAO.I’ve never done this before so I’m looking for ideas!!! If you don’t mind, I’ll add you to my blog .www.twodressesstudio.blogspot.comAmazing photos of the dogs AND people!!!Best,Trudi

Ersin Ersin – 09/03/2012