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Nina Walters

Personal Description:


To my wonderful daughter and husband who have been my rocks since I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in February 2009.

Personal Description:

I consider myself very lucky to have a GYN who felt swelling in my pelvic area during my annual physical in December 2008 and decided to send me for an ultrasound and CA125 Test. The ultrasound showed a large mixed cyst and the CA125 Test was elevated. He then referred me to an gyn oncologist. Since no diagnosis can be made until the biopsy during surgery I still did not know I had cancer until February 2009.

I was diagnosed with a rare of form of ovarian cancer MMMT (Mixed Malignant Mullerian Tumor). It was Stage IC. I went through Chemotherapy (gemsar and carboplatin) from end of April to end of August. Then end of October to beginning of December radiation therapy. As of this writing (7/25/2010) I am cancer free. I will have my first CA125 Test since February 2010 at the end of August. I’m hoping for good news. I’ve been feeling great.

2009 was a very challenging year because in addition to going through the ordeal of ovarian cancer we planned my daughter’s wedding, my father’s health worsened and he was hopitalized during that summer and then we lost him due to lung disease shortly after Thanksgiving. Also, I work in Human Resources at my Company and the Company decided to discontinue a portion of its business which resulted in laying off over 80 employees which was traumatic for all of us.

I try to be grateful for everyday I have survived and believe all the events in my life during 2009 helped me be stronger and helped to keep my mind off of myself. I really wish that a diagnostic test is developed so others do not just get lucky but have a chance at early detection to increase their chances of survival. I’ll try to update when I can. Thanks for sharing and caring.

Last updated on: 07/25/2010