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Nora Barfield

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What a brave woman! Mom was diagnosed when she was 53. She survived almost 3 years after that, passing away in January 2008. She fought an amazing fight. I like to think that she was giving researchers more information to develop a cure by participating in clinical trials. We cared for her at home until her passing, and we have missed her everyday since.

Last updated on: 09/19/2008


It’s sopoky how clever some ppl are. Thanks!

Lyza Lyza – 06/02/2011

Such a deep anwser! GD&RVVF

Rosa Rosa – 06/02/2011

In awe of that awsenr! Really cool!

Ellie Ellie – 07/14/2011

Hello Mr & Mrs Adams!Congratulations on your wedding, it is the bgnnieing of a great journey together. You look beautifully happy and we send you all our love from the place where you got engaged!

Chirag Chirag – 09/03/2012