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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Nydia Dursch

Personal Description:


My mom Nydia lost her very brief battle with Ovarian Cancer on March 22, 2009. She was diagnosed on February 25,2009. She did not have any symptoms until it was too late. We are grateful she did not suffer long. She was a wonderful caring woman. She was my best friend.

Personal Description:

We watched her care for our father who had suffered with Colon Cancer for two years. After 2 years he lost his battle and we all grieved. Then the babies started to come which gave my mom new life. All she wanted in her retirement years was to be a Grandma. First came a granddaughter, then a grandson, then came cancer. The first thing she said when she was diagnosed was that she was afraid that her grandchildren would not remember her. I told her not to think that way that she was not going to leave us early but she did. I think of her each and every day and I make it a point to speak to my son about her daily as well. Not that he understands now but he will one day. My mother touched so many people. She was a true caregiver often sacrificing herself for others. I look forward to the day I will see her again. We lost a very special person to this horrible disease our only hope is that one day there will be a cure so we don’t have to lose another.

Last updated on: 06/17/2009


I don’t know where to start. I am in complete shock since I heard the news 2 hours ago. Let me start by saying I know Nydia through Carol S. Nydia and I worked together at night for a few years and we have kept in touch all these years later – speaking by phone a few times each year. I saw her last july when I came to town and spoke with her a month later on the phone again. She looked good and was so happy she was a grandma! She did not hesitate to get out her photo album to show them off and talk about how beautiful they were. She looked great. I called her in january 2009 and never received a call back. As always, life got busy. After speaking to a friend today I decided to call and check on her again when I got a message saying her phone was not in service. It was then discovered through the internet that she had passed away. I was crushed.. I prayed she was at peace. I just wish I would have know so I could have spoken to her again or paid my respects. She will be sadly missed by me. And to Tracey and Herbie and your families, my deepest sympathies go out to you. Just know your mom meant a lot to people you probably didn’t know were a part of her life in some way. Rest in peace Nydia, you will always be in my throughts and especially my prayers! :__(

Lisa Hipp – 08/04/2009

Nydia Dursch was a very special women! She meant alot to me and my son Joseph I had always wished to make back up to NY for a visit but never had the time. I would have loved for her to have met my other children in person. She was truly a caregiver and as Tracey said she did sacrifice alot of her time and herself for others. This was devistating news for me for Herbie and Tracey I can not even find the words to express how truly sorry I am for such a great loss. I can say I am sad that life was so busy that I did not get to talk to your Mom as often as I had thought of her and I am glad she had the time she had with her grandchildren she truly wanted to be a Grandmother for as long as I can remember. May she rest in peace and her spirit will live on in all the hearts your Mother has touched. She will be in my thoughts and prayers all the time.

Carol Sasto – 08/07/2009

BION I’m impesrsed! Cool post!

Gina Gina – 06/02/2011

Boy that ralley helps me the heck out.

Star Star – 07/14/2011

This is so sweet Lisa. I vividly rmeember when Kayla lost her first tooth last year and how excited she was. Then I started crying because my oldest suddenly felt like such a big girl to me. Liv is beautiful as ever in her new braces and Fraser is absolutely adorable with his new space.

Bennyco Bennyco – 09/06/2012