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Pamela Batcheldor

Personal Description:


For Pamela Batcheldor 5/6/1950 ~ 2/17/1998…
My mother; my friend; my hero; and the most important woman I have ever known.

Personal Description:

She fought for her life, but Ovarian cancer doesn’t fight fair, she lost her battle on Feb. 17th of 1998. My life has never been the same. Every day that passes is a record for how long I have gone without speaking with her. There are times that I question whether I can remember the sound of her voice; that torments me tremendously. She taught me everything I know; even when I didn’t want to learn. I miss her daily and my life will forever be capturing images and moments to share with her when we can reunite again.
I have so many moments to share with her… I can only hope that she peeks in from time to time to share them with me when they are happening. There are times I feel (hope) she does. Now my sister and I are left to raising our glasses to her once or twice a year and dedicating the day to remembering her.
She is so very much missed…
Miss you Momba!

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Still missing her..

– 02/16/2010

At last! Someone who understands! Thnkas for posting!

Jeanne Jeanne – 06/02/2011

That insight’s just what I’ve been loonkig for. Thanks!

Dolly Dolly – 09/04/2012