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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Patricia Cheche Dunn

Personal Description:


Patricia Cheche Dunn 1992 and Carole Cheche Geiling 2001

Personal Description:

My Mother Patti, and her sister, my Aunt Carole both lost their battles with ovarian cancer over 10 years apart at the age of 53. As my 3 sisters and I get closer to that age every year we wonder which woman in our family will surpass it. We pray everyday for advances in early detection and even better, a cure. Mom and AC, we miss you very very much!

Last updated on: 04/24/2009


I lived around the corner from your Aunt Carole in Metuchen. We spent many days together as kids learning to dance and listening to records in her basement.
Please accept my deepest condolences on the passing of both your mother and your Aunt Carole.
I had just learned of her passing from her former husband Phil a few years ago.

Eileen “Potter” Murphy – 10/26/2009

Thank you Eileen. Your thoughts are so kind. Are you still in Metuchen? My sister Anne Marie and I hang the teal bows on the lamp posts on Main St. for awareness in honor of Carole and my Mom.
Again, thanks for the memory. God Bless!

Meghan Dunn Kemler – 09/14/2010

Wham bam thank you, ma?am, my qusetinos are answered!

Kaydi Kaydi – 07/13/2011

I suppose that sounds and slemls just about right.

Tassilyn Tassilyn – 01/24/2012

oh, tiffany, i am so proud of you! it can’t be easy for you and the other kids to watch this onuflding. you have an exceptionally loving family, and so many of us praying for one of God’s miracles for your mom. thank you for sharing this tribute with us.so much love for you all, sande9

Yeferson Yeferson – 03/30/2012

lynda you are the most inspiring human being that i have ever met i look so foarrwd to reading your blogs they are just amazing what an amazing, smart, intelligent woman you are who had a tremendous amount of insight for such a young girl. your optimism and strength will certainly resonate to many, many people who have become your followers ..i still want to be like you when i grow up. wishing you love, happiness, strength, rainbows, sunshine and laughter today, tomorrow and always xoxoxoxo you have such a way with words and you are just AWESOME.

Clara Clara – 09/04/2012