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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Patricia Romero

Personal Description:


This is a dedication to my beautiful Momma. A woman who dedicated her whole life to her children, grandchildren, family and friends. Mom, you will always be in our hearts.

Personal Description:

Mom always had the right words to say to encourage those around her. She was in a sense ‘everyone’s Mother’, as you were just drawn to her and the comfort she gave. She had such determination and life instilled in her, it’s so hard to believe such a big personality and amazing woman is no longer here with us. She had the most infectious laugh and incredible sense of humor. She could out-wit and charm the best of them. To know her was to love her. She lived her life in a selfless manner, always putting others before herself. Even in her most darkest times fighting this beast, she was always making sure everyone around her was taken care. She is the strongest woman I know and I can only aspire to be half the woman she was. Cancer did not define her. She fought a tough battle for 2 years. She was a fighter until the day she passed, and we are all so proud and amazed by her bravery. Mom, I LOVE YOU!!! You will always be my sunshine.

Patricia’s battle with Ovarian Cancer ended on April 9, 2010. She was only 61 years old. May we find a cure for our future generations.

Last updated on: 05/01/2010


She was and always will be in our hearts. I miss her. She was my rock and big sister all in one. Cindy and Sally you are so much like your Mom. I love you Aunt Debi

Debi Doyle – 05/01/2010

I will miss my friend Patty until my last breath. She will always be the most awesome lady I have ever known. She is and will forever be my idol.
Your two beautiful daughters have taken on your loving image.
I love you Patty my dear girlfriend.

Judy Tidwell – 05/01/2010

Hi girls,

I talked to your dad the other day and we sure had a nice visit. He seems all organised like he usually is and he said he’s going to take a little trip. I guess he’s going to So-Cal and then up the coast to Oregon. He said when he leaves Oregon he will go across to Idaho and down through Utah and Colorado just to make a road trip and get away for a while. He said he would come on down to New Mexico and we’ll get together and go fishing. Tell him I have a real cool push button reel he can use that he will really enjoy. I won’t let Judy Tidwell use it, but I will let him use it to fish. I am looking forward to seeing him we will have a nice time together. Thanks
Sally , and Cindy for keeping me so well informed about your mom, we will all miss her. My email has dropped by about 20 letters a day. LOL

I love you, God bless you, and let you move forward from this point on in life.

Frank Woelke

Frank Woelke – 05/01/2010

She will alwasy be forever in our hearts, our rock, our angel! Among being one of the most loving women in the world and she was my grandmother, I couldn’t be more proud to say that! You have taught me so much that i will in my life! She was an amazing person with the biggest heart!!!

Crystal Romero – 05/01/2010

Patty was such a big part of our lives it’s left a huge hole. Even though we didn’t see George and Patty every day We look back at all the times we spent together, all good times. I’ll always do things the way Patty showed me from folding laundry to having guest, to things on the computer. Without a doubt the bravest woman We’ve ever know. We could never, ever forget Patty We know that she is still here with us. We love you Patty, and miss you so much Dudley and LInda Whitson

Dudley & Linda Whitson – 05/03/2010

Mom, today is one month since you’ve gone. It’s also our first Mother’s Day without you. I wish so badly I could have sent you flowers. I’m really going to miss surprisingly you with different ones every year on Mother’s Day. Kelsey made me the best Mother’s Day gifts this year. She amazes me so much with her creativity, but so much more with the love she shares with me. I know you are watching over us, and you haven’t missed a beat. I just wish so badly I could share these things in person with you. I miss you so much, and I have such a heavy heart today. I got a sweet surprise from my old friend Sarah. You know how she lost her Dad years ago and I was there for her when she went through such a rough time. Anyhow, eight years ago I did a small random act of kindness for her a month after his passing. Well today she paid it forward and did the exact same thing I did for her all those years ago, and brought me tears. It was a bittersweet surprise. But it is so nice to know that I have wonderful people along the way to remind me how great life is, and that one day I will see you again. I look forward to your hugs again, Mom. I love you so so much. You will always be my sunshine.

Cynthia Romero – 05/09/2010

I feel so much happier now I undresatnd all this. Thanks!

Jakayla Jakayla – 06/02/2011

I just found out that my dearest friend and bowling buddy passed away. Patty always got my day started by telling me a joke. I will forever be grateful for her laughter, and her big as ever smile.

My sincerest condolences to Patty’s family. She wouldn’t want anybody to grieve for her but to cherish every moment here on earth. God bless you dear friend.


Lonnie North – 08/18/2011

Please keep tohirwng these posts up they help tons.

Destiny Destiny – 08/23/2011