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renee silver

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I am one of the lucky few – I dedicate this to all women who are fighting this horrible disease, and may they be able to tell their story as I am

Personal Description:

I am now 74 years old. I discovered I had ovarian cancer at a regular g.y,n checkup when I was 46 in l981. I had a complete hysterectomy and one year of chemo. then what was called a 2nd look surgery. I was told I had Stage 3 cancer the chemo was cis-pltinum,adryamycin, and one moreI cannot recall.I was hospitalized once a month overnite and had 20 hours of I,V. treatment. I could tell you of my experiencs and what to do but there isno more room. Jus keep fighting.

Last updated on: 03/11/2009


Congratulations on being a survivor! Your story is an inspiration.

Chana Garcia – 04/15/2009