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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Rhonda Secor

Personal Description:

Personal Description:

I am a two year survivor and I pray for a cure to this most frustrating disease! Diagnosed at age 32 with a granulosa cell tumor, stage 1c — doctors were shocked, I was too! My tumor was only 3 cm, and I was considered cured after a second surgery, no chemo…yeah! Unfortunately, a small tumor and cancer-positive cells were found during a c-section, when giving birth to my super special miracle child, Kate. The highest of highs and such a frustrating low! Now, the cancer is back and surgery is scheduled in early February 2009, to be followed by chemo. Good news, I feel great and have a positive outlook, though all of this scares the hell out of me! I’ve truly been blessed with the opportunity to have a child and what a wonderful little pumpkin pie she is!

Update — July 2009
I’m on the downhill ride now… Surgery and 5 months of chemo are finally behind me! My prognosis is good and I couldn’t be more thankful! Cancer had spread to my right ovary, uterus, blatter, rectum, omentum, and liver. Scary stuff! Luckily, it was all able to be removed and no sign of it in my lymph nodes!

I am forever indebted to my amazing support network of my husband, family, friends, doctors, and nurses. Words can’t describe how blessed I feel and how humbled I am for the gift of life I’ve been given.

Update — December 2011

After finding my cancer was back nine months after doing five months of chemo, I had surgery again in December 2010 and followed that with six courses of Avastin this year. I’ve taken a new look at diet, exercise, and stress reduction as a way to fend off this maddening disease, as well. After two clean Pet/CT scans in July and October, I’m confident that Avastin was a worthwhile endeavor. It happened to be a walk in the park compared to chemo!

This race is one of endurance and patience, with tenacity and humility mixed in. With all my heart I hope this disease is cured, but I am grateful for the lessons it has taught me along the way. I pray that my quota of involuntary character-building is met. It’s time for someone else to carry the baton in this relay!

Last updated on: 12/02/2011


Rhonda- you previously commented on my story and I’m sorrry I am responding so late- with three busy little girls I rarely get on the computer. I am so happy you are doing so well. Our stories sound so similiar. My recurrence also involved the same organs and I took chemo for 4 months. It’s been three years and I’m grateful for everyday I have to be with my girls. I chose to believe that my pregnancy saved my life verse the idea that the recurrence was brought on due to the hormones from pregnancy. I too, had a wonderful medical team and support from my family and friends. I also found out who my real friends were during my time of treament. Some mothers I knew from my twins school would avoid me, like they could catch cancer from me.
I’m currently waiting on some test results regarding my liver and pancreas. I worry about a secondary cancer, but refuse to let it ruin my time here with my kids. They truly got me through everything. I wish you best of everything and will pray for your continued good health. I would love to stay in touch and see how you are doing- hopefully I’llbe able to check back more often. God Bless.

Shannon Barker – 09/14/2009

Rhonda, I am so touched by your story. I am also an ovarian cancer survivor. You are an inspiration!! I am praying that you are continuing to do well. May God bless you and your precious family.

Judy Black – 12/18/2009

You’re the graeestt! JMHO

Journey Journey – 06/02/2011

Glad I’ve finally found somehitng I agree with!

Deena Deena – 11/08/2011