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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Roberta Broccardo

Personal Description:


My mother, Roberta passed away, Aug.25, 2007, 15 months after she was diagnosed with Stage 3. For some reason, we thought we’d have her much longer, but God must have had his own plans for Mom.

Personal Description:

She was my hero and words alone cannot describe how much I miss her and yearn just to pick up the phone and call her, as I did nearly every morning for the past 30 years, a cup of coffee and conversation. She was a very strong person in life and I knew that she would be strong until the end. And she was. Even though, she had a hospice nurse, the most the nurse ever did, was take Mom’s vital signs and bring supplies. Even three days before she died, mom fixed dinner and her nurse ate with her and dad. My Mom had decided to hospice at home, which I was quite uncomfortable with her passing away at home. And, when that time came, I can actually say that I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. She was hugged and kissed by her family, with the smell of coffee and breakfast in the air. It was so peaceful and fast. I though how tragically wonderful her ending was.
When her doctor told her on Jun 27, that she only had a few months, my Mom got busy. She made all her funeral arrangements, bought Christmas presents and birthday cards in advance, she decided who was to get what jewelry, wrote letters to us kids, all this on top of continuing to clean the house, cook and shop. Let alone knowing that she was dying a little bit everyday. How amazing and caring she was. And God was merciful to her. Mom was spared the pain and confinement to bed, that we all thought was to come and linger for months. She only took morphine on Thur eve, Fri afternoon was given a hospital bed and passed away early Sat morning. Although the morphine made her sleepy, she was concious and talked a little. I think what made it easy for her, was we told her that we would take care of Dad and that she could go to sleep whenever she wanted. She said, OK and within hours, she slipped off to Heaven, peacefully and when she was ready. The heartache that you feel when you lose a parent, seems unbearable, but life goes on and she wouldn’t want us to wallow in sorrow too long. I don’t think I’ll ever stop thinking of her, but in time, I’m sure it’ll be more managable. I love you and miss you so much Mom. Thank you for being you and giving me a wonderful life.

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