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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Robin Feldman

Personal Description:


Robin Lea Feldman
1954 – 2007

Last updated on: 03/30/2009


2 my mother,the biggest blessing a son could ever have! my soul mate, i feel u n everything i do we r connected 4 all eternity. all my love on ur b-day!

Nathanial Smith – 03/30/2009

Dear Robin, We will remember you for your love of life, your enthusiasm and beauty. May you rest in peace.

Love, Lois and Arnie Newdorf

Lois and Arnold Newdorf – 03/30/2009

You had an incredible zest for life and beautiful spirit. The wonderful times we shared will you will always be cherished and you will be remembered with your beautiful smile, lovely style and heart of gold. You are missed, Robin. We were blessed to have you in our family. May you rest in peace.

Debbie and Sol Kempinski – 03/30/2009

We will miss your effervescence.
With love, Barbara, Howard, Matthew and Erica

The Feldmans – 03/30/2009

Where ever you are, know my heart is with you.

Andrew Feldman – 11/09/2010

so thrilled for you that you came away from that event enilfeg so inspired. if artists like you continue to create with such pure intention, they also continue to inspire others to create. thank you and congratulations on a successful showing!i’m off to take my oldest daughter (6) on her first visit to our local art museum! she currently wants to be an artist when she grows up . we always tell her, she already is!

Amsure Amsure – 03/29/2012